Lego Plants vs Zombies the video game is a game based on plants vs zombies. (please do not edit without my permission)



Peashooter - Shoots Peas

Sunflower - Recharges Health Bar

Crazy Dave - Super Strength

Cherry Bomb - Destroys Shiny Metal Objects

Wall Nut - Invincible

Potato Mine - Digs Underground, Self Destruct

Snow Pea - Freezes Enemies for 5 seconds

Chomper - eats enemies

Repeater - shoots 2 peas at once

Puff-shroom - Shoots Spores

Sun-shroom - heals health by 2 hearts

Fume-Shroom - Destroys Flashing Glass

Grave Buster - Destroys Shiny Metal Objects

Hypno-Shroom - Hynotises enemies so they fight with their allies

Scaredy-shroom - Long Range Attack, Hides when enemies come near

Ice-Shroom - Freezes all enemies on screen for 10 seconds

Squash - Super Strength

Threepeater - shoots 3 peas at once

Tangle Kelp - Breaths Underwater

Jalapeno - Burns all zombies on screen, Destroys Golden Objects

Torchwood - Destroys Golden Objects

Tall Nut - Invincible, Super Strength

Sea Shroom - Breaths Underwater, Shoots Spores

Plantern - Burns Golden Objects

Cactus - shoots spikes

Blover - Flys

Split Pea - Splits into Peashooter and Repeater

Starfruit - throws star that comes back

Pumpkin - scares enemies away

Magnet-shroom - pulls in shiny metal objects

Cabbage - lobs cabbage at enemies

Corn - lobs corn at enemies

Garlic - enemies walk away and pinch their noses when you go near them.

Umbrella Leaf - Bounces up to high places

Melon - Lobs Melon at enemies

Bonus Characters [buy the pack online to unlcock!]

Gatting Pea - shoots 4 peas at once

Twin Sunflower - gives you 8 hearts

Gloom Shroom - destroys flashing Glass

Winter Melon - lobs frozen melon that freezes enemies

Gold Magnet - Atrracts Shiny metal objects AND Golden Objects

Cob Cannon - Launch Explosive Corn


Flag Zombie - makes all other zombies follow you

Conehead Zombie

Pole Vaulting Zombie - Double Jump

Buckethead Zombie

Newspaper Zombie - uses newspaper as parachute

Screen Door Zombie - Uses Screen door to protect himself

Football Zombie - super Strength, he tackles when he attacks

Dancing Zombie - makes backup dancers follow you

Backup Dancer

Ducky Tube Zombie - floats in water

Snorkel Zombie - Breaths Underwater

Zomboni - Rides Zamboni while leaving ice trail behind

Zombie Bobsleder - goes faster when on ice

Dolphin Rider Zombie - goes faster in water

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