Lego Power Rangers is a theme that was introduced in 2013 and is based off of Power Rangers.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, in 2013, Lego started making Power Rangers themed sets. They also started making Minifigure blind bags for the theme.

List of Sets

Set Name Season Price Set Number Notes
Command Center 1
Thunder Megazord 2
Dragonzord 3
Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar 4
Rita's Lair 5
Power Chamber 6
Lord Zedd's Lair 7

List of Minifigures

Name Season Rarity Sets
Red Ranger MMPR Rare 1,4
Blue Ranger MMPR Rare 1,4
Yellow Ranger MMPR Rare 1,4
Black Ranger MMPR Rare 1,4
Pink Ranger MMPR Rare 1,4
Green Ranger MMPR Very Rare 1,3,4
White Ranger MMPR Very Rare 1
Alpha 5 MMPR Very Common 1,6
Rita Repulsa MMPR Rare 5
Lord Zedd MMPR Very Rare 7
Bulk MMPR Common 4
Skull MMPR Common 4
Ernie MMPR Common 4
Red Zeo Zeo Rare 6
Red Turbo Zeo
Red Space Zeo
Red Galaxy
Red Rescue
Red Time Force
Red Wild Force
Red Ninja Storm
Red Dino
Red S.P.D
Red Mystic
Red Overdrive
Red Jungle Fury
Red R.P.M
Red Samurai
Red Samurai (Mega)
Red Samurai (Super Mega)
Red Samurai (Super Samurai)
Red Samurai (Shark Attack)
Red Samurai (Shark Attack Mega)
Red Samurai (Shogun)
Blue Samurai
Blue Samurai (Mega)
Blue Samurai (Super Mega)
Blue Samurai (Super Samurai)
Blue Samurai (Shogun)
Green Samurai
Green Samurai (Mega)
Green Samurai (Super Mega)
Green Samurai (Super Samurai)
Green Samurai (Shark Attack)
Green Samurai (Shark Attack Mega)
Green Samurai (Shogun)

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