The Games Hub is the Military Base from the first film

Predator Levels:

1. Hostage Rescue

Plot: Save the Hostages from some Guerilas.

Heroes: Dutch, Dillon, Billy, Blaine, Poncho, Mac and Hawkins

Enemies: Guerilas.

2. The Chase

Plot: Anna runs away from the group. Hawkins, Mac and Blaine go looking for her but they also find something they didn't expect.....

Part 1 Heroes: Blaine, Hawkins and Mac.

Part 2 Heroes: Dutch, Dillon, Billy, Mac and Poncho.

Bosses: Anna (3 hearts) and The Predator (6 hearts)

3. Setting the Trap

Plot: The remaining five soldiers and Anna decide to set a trap for the Predator but they need to find the things to make one. After that Dillon and Mac go up the hill to see if they can seek revenge from Blaine's death.

Part 1 Heroes: Dutch, Dillon, Billy, Anna, Mac and Poncho.

Part 2 Heroes: Dillon and Mac.

Part 2 Boss: The Predator (10 hearts)

4. Get to the Chopper!

Plot: Dutch, Anna, Billy and Poncho run for the chopper.

Heroes: Dutch, Anna, Billy and Poncho.

Leaving Heroes: Billy and Poncho.

Boss: The Predator (3 hearts)

5. The Prey strike Back

Plot: Make new weapons, set the traps and defeat the Predator.

Heroes: Dutch (Muddy) and Anna.

Boss: The Predator (6 hearts)

Predator 2 levels will come soon.

Predators levels:

1. The Prey

Plot: Find your team. Walk around a bit and escape the trap. Then battle the tracking dogs.

Heroes: Royce and Chuchillo.

Adding Heroes: Nikolai, Isabelle, Stans, Mombasa, Edwin and Hanzo.

Boss: Stans (6 hearts)

Enemies: Tracking Predator Dogs.

2. The Camp

Plot: The group find out that they're being hunted after the death of Chuchillo. They find the camp and discover what they're up against.

Heroes: Royce, Isabelle, Edwin, Stans, Nikolai and Hanzo.

3. Noland's Death Trap

Plot: The group meet Noland and he takes them to his base. He starts a fire and the Tracker Predator comes. Escape the base and have a battle against the Falconer and the Beserker Predators.

Part 1 Heroes: Royce (Singlet), Isabelle, Edwin, Stans, Nikolai, Hanzo and Noland.

Part 2 Heroes: Edwin and Nikolai.

Part 3 Heroes: Royce (Singlet), Isabelle, Edwin, Stans and Hanzo (Topless)

Part 4 Heroes: Royce (Singlet), Isabelle, Edwin and Stans.

Part 2 Boss: Predator Tracker (6 hearts)

Part 3 Boss: Predator Falconer (6 hearts)

Part 4 Boss: Predator Beserker (3 hearts)

Enemies: Super Predators.

4. Edwin's Choice

Plot: Edwin steps in a Predator trap. He turns out alright. He poisons Isabelle so Royce and Isabelle must defeat him.

Heroes: Royce (Singlet) and Isabelle (Poisoned).

Boss: Edwin (10 hearts)

Enemies: Super Predators.

5. The Final Task

Plot: Royce and Isabelle go to the camp and free the Classic Predator to help them find the spaceship. Then battle the Beserker Predator.

Heroes: Royce (Singlet), Isabelle and Classic Predator.

Leaving Hero: Classic Predator.

Boss: Beserker Predator (10 hearts)

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