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Sneak Peak of game

 Lego ROBLOX The video game is a game based off the online game ROBLOX. in this game there are three adventurous Episodes you have to fight Through and unlock awesome Characters. But keep your eyes peeled for Minikits Because if you find all 10, you can unlock Moderator characters including Builderman, Shedletsky, stickmasterluke and even telamon. so have fun reading this!


Episode 1: Rise of the Noobs

Game Crasher

Task: Get Away from the Mysterious Black Smoke

Locations: Your Game

Players: Your Player, Austi

Vechiles: Jeep, Jet

Boss: DNA

Characters Unlocked: Your Player, Austi


Task: Storm the Castle and defeat the Dark Knights

Locations: Noob Castle

Players: Your Player, Archer, Kenzie

Enemies: Dark Knights

Boss: Noob King - 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Archer, Kenzie, Dark Knight, Noob King

The Dark Lord

Task 1: Run Away from DNA

Task 2: Meet up with Jose

Task 3: Defeat DNA's Monster

Locations: Volcano, DNA's Void

Players: Dan, Jose

Vechiles: Jose's Car

Boss: DNA, DNA's Monster - 3 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Dan, Jose, DNA'S Monster, DNA

Science Goes Wrong

Task 1: Investigate Jacks House then meet up with Jose.

Task 2: Defeat Dan (Possessed)

Locations: Jacks House

Players: Dan

Vechiles: Joses Car

Boss: Dan (Possessed) - 3 metal hearts

Characters Unlocked: Dan (Possessed), Telamon (Hood), Jack

The Final Noobdown

Task 1: Defeat the Noob King

Task 2: Defeat the Possessed

Locations: Sky, Town

Players: Dan (Fire), Your Player (Fire)

Bosses: Noob King - 3 metal hearts, DNA - 12 hearts, (Archer, Kenzie, Noob King, Jose (Possessed) all have 5 hearts each)

Characters Unlocked: Archer (Possessed), Kenzie (Possessed), Noob King (Possessed), Jose (Possessed), Dan (Fire), Your Player (Fire)

Bonus Level 1

Task: Collect 1,000,000 Studs

Locations: Noob Castle

Players: any characters you have

Enemies: Noobs

Episode 2: Jeff the Killers Spook

Freddie Freak Out

Task: Defeat Freddie Krugger

Locations: Train Station

Players: Your Player

Vechiles: Train

Boss: Freddie Krugger - 3 metal hearts

Characters Unlocked: Freddie Krugger


Task: Defeat Jason

Locations: Toxic Factory

Players: Your Player

Boss: Jason - 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Jason

Slender and the Eight Pages

Task: Find the Eight Pages and defeat Slender

Locations: Slender Halls

Players: Your Player

Boss: Slender - 3 metal hearts

Characters Unlocked: Slender

Jeff the Killer in Area 51

Task: Defeat Jeff and his Killers

Locations: Slender Halls

Players: Your Player

Bosses: Jeff - 12 hearts, (Slender, Freddie, Jason with 5 hearts each)

Characters Unlocked: Jeff

Bonus Level 2

Task: Collect 1,000,000 studs

Locations: Slender Forest

Players: any characters you have

Enemies: Killers

Episode 3: Rise of the Dominus

The Bat behind the Dominus

Task: Defeat Dominus (Bat)

Locations: Caves

Players: Your Player

Enemies: Bats

Boss: Dominus (Bat)

Characters Unlocked: Dominus (Bat)

Battle of the Dominus

Task: Defeat Dominus (General)

Locations: Dominus Castle

Players: your Player (Armour)

Enemies: Dominus (Knight)

Boss: Dominus (General) - 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Your Player (Armour), Dominus (Knight), Dominus (General)

Freeze Factory

Task: Defeat Dominus (Frozen)

Locations: Ice Cream Factory

Players: Your Player (Parka)

Enemies: Dominus (Frozen Minion)

Boss: Dominus (Frozen) - 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Your Player (Parka), Dominus (Frozen Minion), Dominus (Frozen)

Water Wave Mayhem

Task: Defeat Dominus (Water)

Locations: Sea

Players: Your Player

Vechiles: Jetski

Boss: Dominus (Water) - 12 hearts

The Final Showdown

Task: Defeat Dominus (Fire)

Locations: Volcano

Players: Your Player

Enemies: Rock Monster

Boss: Dominus (Fire)

Bonus Level 3

Task: collect 1,000,000 studs

Locations: Dominus Worlds

Players: any Characters you have

Enemies: Dominus

Section heading


Your Player

Austi - Gun

Archer (also as Possessed) - double jump, Bow, Dark Powers

Kenzie (also as possessed) - double jump, Dark Powers

Dan (also as Possessed, Fire) - sword, Electric Bolt, Fly

Jose (also as Possessed) - Teleport, Dark Powers

Jack - Throws Potion to control Enemies


Dark Knight - Sword, Shield

Bat - fly

Rock Monster - super strength

DNA - Dark Powers, Mind Control

Noob King (also as possessed) - Fire Bolt, Fly

DNA's Monster - Super Strength

Freddie Krugger - Climbs Wall's

Jason - Hacksaw

Slender - Blinds People

Slendy - Slendermans Son, Has the same powers as Slenderman but a bit Smaller than slenderman

Jeff - Knife

Dominus (also as bat, knight, general, frozen, frozen minion, water, fire) - Fly, Sword, Shoots water, Shoots Fire, super strength

Minikit Characters

Telamon (also as Hood) - Fly, super strength, Ban Hammer, Teleport

Stickmasterluke - fly, Teleport

Shedletsky - Amazing Sword Fighting Teqnikes (i think i spelt that wrong, xD)

Builderman - Builds blocks really Fast

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