Lego Ranger's Apprentice: The Video Game is a Lego game based on John Flanagan's Series.

The Ruins of Gorlan

Summary: Be chosen, then climb up and steal the paper from the Baron's office.

Characters: Will (Ward), Horace (Ward)

Chapter 2: A Ranger's Apprentice

Summary: Fulfill Halt's tasks then ride on Tug. Characters: Will, Halt

Chapter 3: Battleschool

Summary: Train at Battleschool then defeat Alda, Brynn and Jerome.

Characters: Horace, Will

Adding Characters: Halt

Boss(es): Alda, Brynn, Jerome

Chapter 4: The Boar Hunt

Summary: Go to the Boar Hunt and defeat the boar.

Characters: Will, Horace

Boss: Boar

Chapter 5: A Secret Meeting

Summary: Meet Gilan and go to The Meeting.

Characters: Will, Halt, Gilan

Chapter 6: The Kalkara

Summary: Defeat the Kalkara.

Characters: Will, Baron Arald, Sir Rodney

Boss(es): Kalkara 1, Kalkara 2

The Burning Bridge

Chapter 1: A Fine Trio

Summary: Explore Celtica

Characters: Will, Horace, Gilan

Boss: Bandits

Chapter 2: A Scribe and a Ranger


The Icebound Land

The Battle of Skandia

The Sorcerer in the North

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