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Lego Secrets of the Immortal: Nicholas Flamel is a video game based on the book series and the upcoming film.

The hub is Yggdrasil for the heroes and Alcatraz for the villains. Every time you defeat a story you unlock a special variation of the character it was named after.

The Alchemyst: Nick Fleming/Nicholas Flamel (Book Shop)

The Magician: John Dee (Young)

The Sorceress:Perry Fleming/Perenelle Flamel (Coffee Shop)

The Alchemyst

Chapter 1: Golems

Summary: Defend the bookshop and stop Dee from getting the Codex

Characters: Josh Newman, Nicholas Flamel (Bookshop)

Enemies: Golems, John Dee

Chapter 2: An Irish Warrior

Summary: Go with Nicholas Flamel to Scathach's dojo and defeat the golems.

Characters: Josh, Sophie

Boss: Golem (3 hearts)

The Magician

Level one: Tulpattack

Summary: Leave the chapel and escape the police

Enemies: French Police

Boss; Tulpa, Four hearts

Boss Tactic: Use chairs to cut off its arms and head, it will grow the back, then use your aura to melt him.

Level Tactic: When you open a door, you have thirty seconds to reach the next door. There are three doors. Fight the tupla. Escape the police without them seeing you. Then fight some of them.

Level Two: An Ancient Sword

The Sorceress

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