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Lego Set Summary

Lego Shining Time Station is a Lego set version of the 90s television series, Shining Time Station.........where you can build the entire characters and scenery and bring it to life in your very own universe.

Billy's Workshop

  • Work desk (Lego structure)
  • Toolbox (Lego accessory)
  • Saw (Lego accessory)
  • Hammer (Lego accessory)
  • Wood nails (Lego accessory)
  • Wood screws (Lego accessories)
  • Monkey Wrench (Lego Accessory)
  • Billy (Lego mini figure)
  • Mr. Conductor (Lego mini figure)

The Front Desk

  • Stacy Jones (Lego mini figure)
  • Telephone (Lego accessory)
  • Clipboard (Lego accessory)
  • Papers (Lego stickers)
  • Boxes (Lego accessories)

Schemer's Arcade

  • Jukebox nickels (Lego accessories)
  • The jukebox (Lego structure)
  • Schemer (Lego mini figure)
  • Dan (Lego mini figure)
  • Kara (Lego mini figure)
  • Becky (Lego mini figure)

The Jukebox Band

  • Tito (Lego mini figure)
  • Tito's piano keyboard (Lego structure)
  • Didi (Lego mini figure)
  • Didi's drum set (Lego structure)
  • Grace (Lego mini figure)
  • Grace's electric guitar (Lego accessory)
  • Tex and Rex (Lego mini figures)
  • Tex and Rex's country western guitars (Lego accessories)

JB King's Office

  • JB King (Lego mini figure)
  • JB King's desk (Lego structure)
  • Pens (Lego accessory)
  • Buster, from the episode: Bully for Mr. Conductor (Lego mini figure)

The Bench Room

  • Benches (Lego structures)
  • Ginny (Lego mini figure)
  • Midge (Lego mini figure)

Barton Winslow's General Store

  • Barton Winslow (Lego mini figure)
  • Counter (Lego structure)
  • Store shelves (Lego structures)
  • Store products (Lego accessories)
  • Shopping carts (Lego accessories)
Lego Shining Time Station

Year to be released


#s of Lego pieces in this Lego set

40 of them

Characters in the sets include

The Jukebox Band (Lego mini figures)

Stacy Jones (Lego mini figure)

Billy (Lego mini figure)

Ginny (Lego mini figure)

Midge (Lego mini figure)

Mr. Conductor (Lego mini figure)

Barton Winslow (Lego mini figure)

JB King (Lego mini figure)

Buster (Lego mini figure)

Dan (Lego mini figure)

Kara (Lego mini figure)

Becky (Lego mini figure)


16 and up

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