​Lego Sonic the Hedgehog is a Lego theme based of off Sonic the Hedgehog.

List of Sets

Green Hill Zone

Figures: Sonic (Classic), Motobug, Eggman (Egg Mobile H).

Set Pieces: Loop and Waterfall.

Chemical Plant Zone

Figures: Tails (Classic), Grabber, Eggman (Water)

Set Pieces: Tubes, Flipable Platforms.

Ice Cap Zone

Figures: Snowboarding Sonic, Penguinator, Eggman (Freezer Mobile)

Set Pieces: Snowy Mountain, Icy Caves.

Sky Sanctuary Zone

Figures: Knuckles (Classic), EggRobo, Mecha Sonic.

Set Pieces: Master Emerald, Teleporters.

Emerald Coast

Figures: Sonic (Modern), Tails (Modern), Rhino Tank.

Set Pieces: Bridge, Orca, Lighthouse.

More to be added.

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