Story 1 The invasion

1 Sailing the sea

main areas: Boat

unlockable places: hub boat

playable charecters: Jack Maye Johnie Strange

unlockable charecters: Jack Maye Jonie Strange

Level type: Puzzle, brawl

Enemies: Dovian Makeshift

Boss: Dovian Makeshift

2 New regruits

main areas: New York city, Spy home base

Unlockable places: Hub new york spy base

playable charecters: Jack Maye Jonie Strange Jake Newhound

Unlockable charecters: Jack newhound

Level type: Puzzle drvining combat

enemies: thugs

Boss: n/a

3 New york new york

main areas: manhatten

Unlockable places: HUB manhatten

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Jonie strange

unlockable charecters: nothing

level type; puzzle

enemies: no one

boss no one

Level 4 Space Race

main areas spy base space station launch base

unlockable places: hub space station launch base

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Jonie Strange

Unlockable charecters: Alien

Level type: brawl

enimies: aliens

Boss: Main alien

Level 5 The invasion

main areas: Empire stae building, Chrystler building

unlockable palces:  HUB empire state building chrystler building

playable charecters: Jack Newhound, Jonie strange Jack maye

unlockable cherecters: none

Level type: driving/flying combat

enemies : aliens

Boss: none

Level 6 The ending

This level is just a boss fight

Boss: alian Monster

Unlockable places:Underground hub



The hub in this game  is the spy base the explorable hub is the boat after you complete level one then once you complete more levels more hubs will be unlocked



Bonus levels are used for more studs minikits etc. you need all those to complete the game at the end of the game there is a samll cutscen witch shows a sneak peak at number 2 so look out



stores are located in the spy base out side of the remote terminal.


Story 2 Zombies awaken

1 The Town of christ

main areas: town

unlockable places: HUB town of christ

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Nolan Heavs

Unlockable charecters: Nolan Heavs

level type: puzzle

Enemies: non

Boss: non

2 What Project?

main areas: Lab

unlockable places: HUB lab

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Mr. Heavs(porfesser) Nolan Heavs

unlockable charecters:Professer Heavs

Level type: brawl, Driving combat

Enemies: Infected interns

Boss: The infection

3 Zombie Call

Main areas: Road

Unlockeble places: HUB road

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Nolan Heavs MR.Heavs (normal)

unlockable charecters: Mr. Heavs (normal)

level type: driving combat

enemies: infected citezens

Boss: the infection

4 Return To the town of christ

main areas: town of christ (north section)

unlockable places: HUB Town of crist (north side)

Playable Charecters: Jack Newhound (stealth outfit) Nolan Heavs (stealth outfit) Mr. Heavs (torn shirt)

unlockable charecters: Jack Newhound (stealth) Nolan Heavs (stealth) Mr. Heavs (torn shirt)

level type: puzzle, maze

enemises: non

Boss: non

5 The infection breaks

Main areas: Town of christ east side

unlockable places: HUB town (east side)

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Jack Maye Eliot Vonstrange Mr. Heavs (normal) Nolan Heavs

unlockable charecters: Eliot Vonstrange

level type: brawl

enemies: Infected citezens

Boss: the infection

6 BOSS BATTLE~ Infected Nolan

unlockable places: Spy home base

main areas: spy home base

playable charecters: Jack Newhound Eliot Vonstrange Mr.Heavs (turbo blaster)

unlockable charecters: Mr.Heavs (turbo blaster)

level type: BOSS

Enemies: Infected citezens

BOSS: Nolan (infected)

After deafeating nolan a cutscene will show him swallowed up by the infection Story 2 over

Stroy 3 The last battle

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