Lego Spongebob-Batte for Bikinni Bottom                                          

Chapter 1-Plankton's Plan

Level 1-Plankton's Lab

Playable Screen 2-Spongebob,Patrick
Unlockable-Spongebot,Jellyfish,Purple Jellyfish,Plankbot
Boss(es) 1-Spongebot (MEGA)(5 Metal Hearts)
Boss(es) 2-5X Plankbots,Plankton (6 Hearts)

Minikit-Spongebob's Home

Level 2-Back Krabs-Down Krabs

Playable-Spongebob (Work),Patrick,Squidward (Work)
Unlockable-Plankbot (Heavy Weafon),Plankbot (Rocket Launcher),Plankbot (Dynamite),Plankbot (General)
Boss(es)-Plankbot (General)(3 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-The Krusty Krab

Level 3-Fixing The Krusty Krab

Unlockable-Krabbybot,Plankton (Armour)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Armour)(6 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Krusty Krabb (Rubble)

Levrl 4-Sandy To The Rescue

Idea:this Mission would be like the space battle in LEGO SW3 But it will be a Land Battle from sandy's Treedome to The Chumbucket Prisson.You Would have an red X Landing Pad yust like in LEGO SW3.The Landing Pads will be at Sandy's Treedome and The Top Of Chumbucket.

Playable-Sandy (Space Suit)
Playable Vehicle-Sandy's Helicopter
Playable Screen 2-Spongebob,Patrick,Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankbot Tank,Plankbot Helicopter,Plankbot Mech
Boss(es)-4 Plankbot Helicopters,2 Plankbot Tanks
Wave 2-Plankbot Mech (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Plankbot Tank

Level 5-The Downfall of Mr.Krabbs

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Sandy (Treedome),Patrick,Squidward
Unlockable-Mr.Krabs (Hypnotized),Plankbot (Jetpack)
Boss(es)-Mr.Krabs (Hypnotized)(6 Hearts)

Minikit-Plankbot Helicopter

Level 6-Sandy's Secret Lab

Playable-Spongebob (Treedome),Patrick (Treedome),Sandy (Treedome)
Unlockable-Squirellbot (Plankton Controlled),Squirelltron (Plankton Controlled),Squirell Tank (Plankton Controlled)
Boss(es)-Squirell Tank (Plankton Controlled) (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Lab Materrials

Chapter 2-The Day Of The Doom

Level 1-Escaping to The Mermalair

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Unlockable-Plankdrone,planktron,plankprobe,Spongecollosuss (Plankton Controlled)
Boss(es)-Spongecollosuss (Plankton Controlled)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-The Mermalair

Level 2-Escaping The Mermalair

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Unlockable-Spongecollosus (2nd Form(Plankton Controlled)),Spongetron
Boss(es)-Spongecollosus (2nd Form(Plankton Controlled))(8 Metal Hearts)


Level 3-Plankton's Takeover

Idea-Same as Sandy to the Rescue But Different.The Mission is to Get to Spongebob's Home.The Chalenge is you have to solve puzzles and get out of the city.

Playable Vehicle-Sandy's Helicopter,Fish Car (krabby Guns)
Unlockable-Plankscooters,planktrooper,Police Fish,Police Fish General,Police Fish Car
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1)(4 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Mini Bikinni Bottom

Level 4-Mr.Krab Filles

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit)
Joining Characters-Mr.Krabbs
Boss(es)-Plankton (3 Hearts)

Minikit-Giant File

Level 5-Dead End

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Dead end Fish,Stop Fish,Plankbot 9000
Boss(es)-Plankbot 9000 (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Dead end Wall

Level 6-Cave Dwellers

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Cave Dweller,Cave Dweller King,Cave Dweller (Plankton Controlled)
Boss(es)-Cave Dweller King (8 Hearts)

Minikit-Cave Dweller's Crystal

Chapter 3-The Final Phase

Level 1-Skychase Battle

Idea-Same as the other 2 levels yust it is in the sky.

Playable Vehicles-Sandy's Helicopter
Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankbot (Flying Abillity),Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1 (Fly Abillity))
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1 (Fly Abillity))(6 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Flower Cloud

Level 2-Battle or Be Eliminated

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit)
Playable Vehicle-Squirell Mech
Joining-Patrick (Prissoner),Mr.Krabs (Prissoner)
Unlockable-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 2)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 2)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Squirell Mech

Level 3-Plankbot Ambush

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Patrick,Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankbot Eliminator
Boss(es)-Plankbot Eliminator (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Plankbot Eliminator

Level 4-Chum Bucket Battle

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Patrick,Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.1)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.1)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Fish Statue

Level 5-Super Heroes Away

Unlockable-Man Ray,Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.2)
Boss(es)-Man Ray (5 Hearts),Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.2)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Man Ray Statue

Level 6-The Final Phase

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Patrick,Mr.Krabs,Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Unlockable-Plankton (Mega Armour Final Phase)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Final Phase)(12 Metal Hearts),Karen (3 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Mega Armour


Chapter 1-Plankton's Plan

Plankton's Lab
Back Krabs-Down Krabs
Fixing The Krusty Krab
Sandy to The Rescue
The Downfall of Mr.Krabs
Sandy's Lab

Chapter 2-The Day of The Doom

Escaping to The Mermalair
Escaping The Mermalair
Plankton's Takeover
Mr.Krab Filles
Dead End
Cave Dwellers

Chapter 3-The Final Phase

Skychase Battle
Battle or Be Eliminated
Plankbot Ambush
Chum Bucket Battle
Super Heroes Away
The Final Phase


Minikits-Golden Krabby Pattys-180
Gold Bricks-114
True Frycook-18


5.Spongebob (Work)
6.Squidward (Work)
8.Sandy (Space Suit)
9.Sandy (Treedome)
11.Spongebob (Treedome)
12.Patrick (Treedome)
15.Patrick (Prissoner)
16.Mr.Krabs (Prissoner)
17.Spongebot-25.000 studs
18.Jellyfish-25.000 studs
19.Purple Jellyfish-25.000 studs
20.Plankbot-25.000 studs
21.Plankbot (Heavy Weafon)-125.000 studs
22.Plankbot (Rocket Launcher)-125.000 studs
23.Plankbot (Dynamite)-25.000 studs
24.Plankbot (General)-125.000 studs
25.Krabbybot-25.000 studs
26.Plankton (Armour)-125.000 studs
27.Mr.Krabs (Hypnotized)-25.000 STUDS
28.Plankbot (Jetpack)-25.000 studs
29.Squirellbot (Plankton Controlled)-25.000 studs
30.Squirelltron (Plankton Controlled)-125.000 studs
31.Plankdrone-25.000 studs
32.Planktron-125.000 studs
33.Plankprobe-25.000 studs
34.Spongetron-125.000 studs
35.Police Fish-125.000 studs
36.Police Fish General-125.000 studs
37.File bot-25.000 studs
38.Dead End Fish-25.000 studs
39.Stop Fish-25.000 studs
40.Plankbot (Flying Abillity)-125.000 studs
41.Plankbot Eliminator-500.000 studs
42.Man Ray-125.000 studs
43.Spongebob (Metal Armour)-Gotta have all the Minikits
44.Spongebob (Cyborg)-Gotta Have All True Frycooks
45.Plankton (Plankatron)-Gotta Complete The Game 100%


1.Sandy's Helicopter
2.Fish Car (Krabby Guns)
3.Squirell Mech
4.Plankbot Tank-125.000 studs
5.Plankbot Helicopter-25.000 studs
6.Plankbt Mech-125.000 studs
7.Squirell Tank (Plankton Controlled)-125.000 studs
8.Spongecollosus (Plankton Controlled)-500.000 STUDS
9.Spongecollosus (2nd Form(Plankton Controlled))-1000.000 studs
10.spongetron-125.000 studs
11.Plank Scooter-25.000 studs
12.Plank Trooper-25.000 studs
13.Police Fish Car-125.000 studs
14.Plankbot 9000-500.000 studs
15.Cave Dweller-25.000 studs
16.Cave Dweller King-125.000 studs
17.Cave Dweller (Plankton Controlled)-125.000 studs
18.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1 (Fly Abillity))-500.000 studs
19.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 2)-1000.000 studs
20.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.1)-1125.000 studs
21.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.2)-1500.000 studs
22.Plankton (Mega Armour Final Phase)-2000.000 stu

It will Be Open World like LB2 And LOTR.

Red Bricks:

1.Super Speed-50.000 studs
2.Jellyfish Finder-125.000 studs
3.Rocket Guns-50.000 studs
4.Faster Jetpacks-250.000 studs
5.Score 2x-500.000 studs
6.Score 4x-2000.000 studs
7.Score 6x-6000.000 studs
8.Score 8x-10.000.000 studs
9.Score 10x-50.000.000 studs
10.Super Jump-125.000 studs
11.Disquises-25.000 STUDS
12.Red Brick Detector-125.000 studs
13.Invincibility-500.000 studs
14.Regenarate Hearts-125.000 studs
15.Metal Hearts-500.000 studs
16.Gold Brick Detector-50.000 studs
17.Krabby Gun-125.000 studs
18.Dance-50.000 studs
19.Fast Fly-125.000 studs
20.Minikit Detector-500.000 studs

DLC Packs:

DLC Pack 1-5.99$-Friends

1.Larry The Lobster
5.Bus Driver

DLC Pack 2-5.99$-Enemys/Other

6.The Flying Dutchman
7.Spongebob (Pirate)
8.The Dirty Bubble
9.King Neptune
10.Spongebob (Superhero)

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