It has been not yet confirmed but has been rumoured by the vast majority of people. The audience hope it will be released in 2015 at maximum.

Lego Spongebob: Plankton Rises is the sequel to Lego Spongebob Squarepants which had not yet been released either.


Plankton, with the help of the time machine he spent months building, he traveled back in time to 1969 to kill the younger Mr Krabs. He killed him erasing the memories of him in the now timeline except for some people such as Spongebob and Old Man Jenkins. Spongebob then finds out with Mr K, the business has been tight causing the Krusty Krab to rot; everyone leaving. Spongebob loses his job and made him curious about Mr K until he went to the dump to clear his thoughts. He met Old Man Jenkins and He seems to be the only person to remember Mr K as well. Spongebob then realises that he must travel back in time to find out about his disappearance. Can he uncover the mystery and beat Plankton at his own game?

Playable and Unlockable Characters



Young Mr Krabs

Old Man Jenkins


Young Harold Squarepants

Gary Snail

Young Sluggo(Gary's father)- 45,000 studs

Plankton - 600,000 studs (unlockable after completing bonus levels)

Karen - 100,000 studs (unlockable after game completed)

Blackjack Squarepants - 30,000 studs

Sandy Cheeks

Young Plankton - 100,000 studs (unlockable after game is completed)

Mr Krabs(unlockable after game is completed) - 400,000 studs

Young Karen - 45,000 studs (unlockable after game is completed)

Pearl Krabs - 15,000 studs (unlockable after 6th level)

Harold Squarepants

Flying Dutchman - 500,000 studs (after game is completed, unlockable)


Mrs. Puff - 5,000 studs

Young Mrs. Puff - 15,000 studs (when the past of the whole story starts; unlockable)

Mayor FredKelp - 45,000 studs (unlockable in the past)

Young Mr Puff - 35,000 studs (unlockable in the past)

Nat Peterson - 500 studs

Smitty Jerben's Skeleton - 90,000 studs

Young Man Jenkins

Patrick's father

Squidward's father

Spongebuck Squarepants - 200,000 studs (unlockable after bonus levels completed)

Snellie The Snail - 4,000 studs

Mr Krabs' Mother(1969) - 40,000 studs

SpongeGar - 250,000 studs (unlockable after bonus levels)

PatGar - 150,000 studs (unlockable after bonus levels)

SquidGar - 150,000 studs (unlockable after bonus)

Mary the old woman - 2,000 studs

Ghost Pirate - 25,000 studs (unlockable after completion of game)

Larry Lobster

Mary's mother - 50,000 studs

Mrs Wormsy - 7,000 studs

Jellyfish - 80,000 studs (unlockable after watching a game trailer)

Sandy(during Hibernation) - 120,000 studs

Jack M Crazyfish - 50,000 studs

Slenderman - 500,000 studs (unlockable after bonus levels)

Timmy the little fish - 100 studs

Reg - 15,000 studs

Dennis the Bounty Hunter - 200,000 studs (unlockable after first bonus level)

King Neptune - 300,000 studs (unlockable after completion of game)

Princess Mindy - 85,000 studs

Tom the Chocolate Raging Fish - 9,000 studs

Spongebob(prom) - 23,000 studs

Mr Krabs(Navy) - 100,000 studs

Mr Krabs Mother(present) - 40,000 studs

Spongebob(Jellyfish Gear) - 45,000 studs

Kevin Cucumber - 30,000 studs

Clamu - 70,000 studs (unlockable after completion of game)

Baby Clamu - 35,000 studs (unlockable after completion of game)

Neptune's chief guard - 10,000 studs

Neptune's Junior Guard - 4,000 studs

Mrs. Tufsy - 300 studs

Pearl(prom) - 20,000 studs

Mr Doodle - 250 studs

Neptune's Prisoner - 8,000 studs

Snail Owner Old Lady - 230 studs

Spongebob(Mermaidman Gear) - 70,000 studs(unlockable after fifth level completed)

Patrick(Barnacleboy Gear) - 55,000 studs (unlockable after fourth level completed)

Mermaidman - 300,000 studs

Barnacleboy - 250,000 studs

Young Mermaidman - 300,000 studs (unlockable in the past)

Young Barnacleboy - 250,000 studs (unlockable in the past)

Man Ray - 310,000 studs

Young Man Ray - 290,000 studs (unlockable in the past)

Glove World ticket collector - 21,000 studs (unlockable after Glove World completed)

Spongebob(lawyer outfit) - 60,000 studs

Spongebob(Goofy Goober outfit) - 50,000 studs

Goofy Goober - 100,000 studs (unlockable after Glove World is completed)

Weenie Hut Jr Waiter - 25,000 studs

Spongebob(with kelp moustache) - 250,000 studs (unlockable after game is completed)

Uncle Sherm Squarepants - 70,000 studs

Spongebob(Ghost costume) - 55,000 studs

45-50 other characters are leaked and this may consist of more because of this. Many others are to be included in the game.

New Features

Dialogue will be added; characters will be able to talk like previous LEGO games. Subtitles option is placed then.

Each character will have their own power(s) and their own inventory containing up to 32 spaces(8 in each set). Items and weapons and artefacts may be picked up and found from time to time. Some can even be bought from the hub.

Some character's lives can extend up to 5 or 10 lives. Eg. Plankton can be up to 13 lives.

Day and Night Mode option is available in the settings of the game. Day can last for 7-10 mins; Night can be 5–7 minutes.

Nine Easter Eggs can be found throughout the game.

You can upgrade your weapons which is costly. Eg. First upgrade of Spongebob's net is 50 studs; second upgrade is 500 studs.

You can now play up to 4 players at a time if there are four wii remotes. Split-Screen option is available.

After each timeline completed, you earn a medal which is worth 100,000 studs which you can trade for real studs.

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