Lego Spongebob-Battle For Bikkini Bottom is a Familly Friendly Lego Game with a twist of Humour and Open world to explore.

Go On as You Find more and more goodies. Catch 18 Jellyfishes in All The Levels.




Chapter 1-Plankton's Plan

Plankton's Lab
Back Krabs-Down Krabs
Fixing The Krusty Krab
Sandy to The Rescue
The Downfall of Mr.Krabs
Sandy's Lab

Chapter 2-The Day of The Doom

Escaping to The Mermalair
Escaping The Mermalair
Plankton's Takeover
Mr.Krab Filles
Dead End
Cave Dwellers

Chapter 3-The Final Phase

Skychase Battle
Battle or Be Eliminated
Plankbot Ambush
Plankton Poop
Chum Bucket Battle
Super Heroes Away
The Final Phase

Main Story Start

The Main story is Based On My Version of The Battle for Bikini Bottom.

The Story Starts as Plankton is in His Lab trying to Discover how to Find The Krabby Patty Formula.Then Karen says thath why doesn't he try to build some plankbots to destroy the krusty krab take the formula and then rule over the world.Plankton says Thath it isn't A Bad Idea. Afterwwards, pPlankton attacsk the spongeboo, more to come.Epilogue.Patrick Comes by Spongebob's Home and Asks him is he ready to go jellyfishing.Spongebob says Yes and thath is how the Main Story Starts

Chapter 1-Plankton's Plan

Level 1-Plankton's Lab

Playable Screen 2-Spongebob,Patrick
Unlockable-Spongebot,Jellyfish,Purple Jellyfish,Plankbot
Boss(es) 1-Spongebot (MEGA)(5 Metal Hearts)
Boss(es) 2-5X Plankbots,Plankton (6 Hearts)

Minikit-Spongebob's Home

Level 2-Back Krabs-Down Krabs

Playable-Spongebob (Work),Patrick,Squidward (Work)
Unlockable-Plankbot (Heavy Weafon),Plankbot (Rocket Launcher),Plankbot (Dynamite),Plankbot (General)
Boss(es)-Plankbot (General)(3 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-The Krusty Krab

Level 3-Fixing The Krusty Krab

Unlockable-Krabbybot,Plankton (Armour)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Armour)(6 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Krusty Krabb (Rubble)

Level 4-Sandy To The Rescue

Idea:this Mission would be like the space battle in LEGO SW3 But it will be a Land Battle from sandy's Treedome to The Chumbucket Prisson.You Would have an red X Landing Pad yust like in LEGO SW3.The Landing Pads will be at Sandy's Treedome and The Top Of Chumbucket.

Playable-Sandy (Space Suit)
Playable Vehicle-Sandy's Helicopter
Playable Screen 2-Spongebob,Patrick,Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankbot Tank,Plankbot Helicopter,Plankbot Mech
Boss(es)-4 Plankbot Helicopters,2 Plankbot Tanks
Wave 2-Plankbot Mech (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Plankbot Tank

Level 5-The Downfall of Mr.Krabbs

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Sandy (Treedome),Patrick,Squidward
Unlockable-Mr.Krabs (Hypnotized),Plankbot (Jetpack)
Boss(es)-Mr.Krabs (Hypnotized)(6 Hearts)

Minikit-Plankbot Helicopter

Level 6-Sandy's Secret Lab

Playable-Spongebob (Treedome),Patrick (Treedome),Sandy (Treedome)
Unlockable-Squirellbot (Plankton Controlled),Squirelltron (Plankton Controlled),Squirell Tank (Plankton Controlled)
Boss(es)-Squirell Tank (Plankton Controlled) (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Lab Materrials

Chapter 2-The Day Of The Doom

Level 1-Escaping to The Mermalair

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Unlockable-Plankdrone,planktron,plankprobe,Spongecollosuss (Plankton Controlled)
Boss(es)-Spongecollosuss (Plankton Controlled)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-The Mermalair

Level 2-Escaping The Mermalair

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Unlockable-Spongecollosus (2nd Form(Plankton Controlled)),Spongetron
Boss(es)-Spongecollosus (2nd Form(Plankton Controlled))(8 Metal Hearts)


Level 3-Plankton's Takeover

Idea-Same as Sandy to the Rescue But Different.The Mission is to Get to Spongebob's Home.The Chalenge is you have to solve puzzles and get out of the city.

Playable Vehicle-Sandy's Helicopter,Fish Car (krabby Guns)
Unlockable-Plankscooters,planktrooper,Police Fish,Police Fish General,Police Fish Car
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1)(4 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Mini Bikinni Bottom

Level 4-Mr.Krab Filles

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit)
Joining Characters-Mr.Krabbs
Boss(es)-Plankton (3 Hearts)

Minikit-Giant File

Level 5-Dead End

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Dead end Fish,Stop Fish,Plankbot 9000
Boss(es)-Plankbot 9000 (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Dead end Wall

Level 6-Cave Dwellers

Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Cave Dweller,Cave Dweller King,Cave Dweller (Plankton Controlled)
Boss(es)-Cave Dweller King (8 Hearts)

Minikit-Cave Dweller's Crystal

Chapter 3-The Final Phase

Level 1-Skychase Battle

Idea-Same as the other 2 levels yust it is in the sky.

Playable Vehicles-Sandy's Helicopter
Playable-Spongebob,Patrick,Sandy (Space Suit),Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankbot (Flying Abillity),Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1 (Fly Abillity))
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1 (Fly Abillity))(6 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Flower Cloud

Level 2-Battle or Be Eliminated

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit)
Playable Vehicle-Squirell Mech
Joining-Patrick (Prissoner),Mr.Krabs (Prissoner)
Unlockable-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 2)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 2)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Squirell Mech

Level 3-Plankbot Ambush

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Patrick,Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankbot Eliminator
Boss(es)-Plankbot Eliminator (5 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Plankbot Eliminator

Level 4-Chum Bucket Battle

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Patrick,Mr.Krabs
Unlockable-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.1)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.1)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Fish Statue

Level 5-Super Heroes Away

Unlockable-Man Ray,Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.2)
Boss(es)-Man Ray (5 Hearts),Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.2)(8 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Man Ray Statue

Level 6-The Final Phase

Playable-Spongebob,Sandy (Space Suit),Patrick,Mr.Krabs,Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Unlockable-Plankton (Mega Armour Final Phase)
Boss(es)-Plankton (Mega Armour Final Phase)(12 Metal Hearts),Karen (3 Metal Hearts)

Minikit-Mega Armour

Main Story Ending

Plankton is Defeated again and Stoped from taking over the world.All Of Spongebob's Friends Party at The Krusty Krab and After thath it says.




Characters-45+10 (DLC Pack Characters)=55 Total with Dlc Characters

Minikits-Golden Krabby Pattys-180
Gold Bricks-114
True Frycook-18



Laser Gun,Go Throught Realy Small Hatches


Computer Hack,Virus Attack


Jellyfishing Net,Karate Gloves,Go Throught Normal Hatches,Bubble Blowing


Jellyfishing Net,Super Strenght,Bubble Blowing

5.Spongebob (Work)

Spattula,Go throught Normal Hatches

6.Squidward (Work)

Spattula,Clarinet,Can Jump On Polles,Double Jump


Money Attack,Go Throught Normal Hatches

8.Sandy (Space Suit)

Laser Gun,Karate Gloves,Computer Hack,Double Jump

9.Sandy (Treedome)

Laser Gun,Computer Hack,Double Jump


Clarinet,Can Jump on Poles,Double Jump

11.Spongebob (Treedome)

Jellyfishing Net,Go Throught Normal Hatches,Bubble Blowing

12.Patrick (Treedome)

Jellyfishing Net,Super Strenght,Bubble Blowing


Bubble Wave,Punch,Kick,Grapple Gun,Super Strenght


Laser Eyes,Punch Kick,Grapple Gun,Super Strenght

15.Patrick (Prisoner)

Crowbar,Super Strenght

16.Mr.Krabs (Prisoner)

Money Attack,Crowbar,Go Throught Normal Hatches

17.Spongebot-25.000 studs

Computer Hack

18.Jellyfish-25.000 studs


19.Purple Jellyfish-25.000 studs


20.Plankbot-25.000 studs

Laser Gun

21.Plankbot (Heavy Weafon)-125.000 studs

Heavy Weafon

22.Plankbot (Rocket Launcher)-125.000 studs

Rocket Launcher

23.Plankbot (Dynamite)-25.000 studs

Laser Gun,Dynamite

24.Plankbot (General)-125.000 studs

Laser Gun,Comand Units

25.Krabbybot-25.000 studs

Krabby Gun

26.Plankton (Armour)-125.000 studs

Laser Gun,Go Throught Small Hatches,(2 Metal Heart Defense)

27.Mr.Krabs (Hypnotized)-25.000 STUDS

Money Attack,Go Throught Normal Hatches

28.Plankbot (Jetpack)-25.000 studs

Laser Gun,Jetpack,Fly

29.Squirellbot (Plankton Controlled)-25.000 studs


30.Squirelltron (Plankton Controlled)-125.000 studs


31.Plankdrone-25.000 studs

Mini Guns,Fly

32.Planktron-125.000 studs

Laser Gun

33.Plankprobe-25.000 studs

Mini Guns,Fly

34.Spongetron-125.000 studs

Laser Gun,Fly

35.Police Fish-125.000 studs


36.Police Fish General-125.000 studs

Gun,Handcuffs,Comand Units

37.File bot-25.000 studs

Computer Hack

38.Dead End Fish-25.000 studs

Dead end Sign

39.Stop Fish-25.000 studs

Stop Sign

40.Plankbot (Flying Abillity)-125.000 studs

Laser Gun,Fly

41.Plankbot Eliminator-500.000 studs

Heavy Mini Guns

42.Man Ray-125.000 studs

Laser Gun,Laser Eyes,Fly

43.Spongebob (Metal Armour)-Gotta have all the Minikits

Laser Gun,Jetpack,Fly,(4 Metal Heart Defense)

44.Spongebob (Cyborg)-Gotta Have All True Frycooks

Laser Gun,Laser Eye

45.Plankton (Plankatron)-Gotta Complete The Game 100%

Laser Mini Gun,Jetpack,Fly,Laser Eyes


1.Sandy's Helicopter
2.Fish Car (Krabby Guns)
3.Squirell Mech
4.Plankbot Tank-125.000 studs
5.Plankbot Helicopter-25.000 studs
6.Plankbt Mech-125.000 studs
7.Squirell Tank (Plankton Controlled)-125.000 studs
8.Spongecollosus (Plankton Controlled)-500.000 STUDS
9.Spongecollosus (2nd Form(Plankton Controlled))-1000.000 studs
10.spongetron-125.000 studs
11.Plank Scooter-25.000 studs
12.Plank Trooper-25.000 studs
13.Police Fish Car-125.000 studs
14.Plankbot 9000-500.000 studs
15.Cave Dweller-25.000 studs
16.Cave Dweller King-125.000 studs
17.Cave Dweller (Plankton Controlled)-125.000 studs
18.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 1 (Fly Abillity))-500.000 studs
19.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 2)-1000.000 studs
20.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.1)-1125.000 studs
21.Plankton (Mega Armour Phase 3.2)-1500.000 studs
22.Plankton (Mega Armour Final Phase)-2000.000 stu

It will Be Open World like LB2 And LOTR.

Red Bricks:

1.Super Speed-50.000 studs
2.Jellyfish Finder-125.000 studs
3.Rocket Guns-50.000 studs
4.Faster Jetpacks-250.000 studs
5.Score 2x-500.000 studs
6.Score 4x-2000.000 studs
7.Score 6x-6000.000 studs
8.Score 8x-10.000.000 studs
9.Score 10x-50.000.000 studs
10.Super Jump-125.000 studs
11.Disquises-25.000 STUDS
12.Red Brick Detector-125.000 studs
13.Invincibility-500.000 studs
14.Regenarate Hearts-125.000 studs
15.Metal Hearts-500.000 studs
16.Gold Brick Detector-50.000 studs
17.Krabby Gun-125.000 studs
18.Dance-50.000 studs
19.Fast Fly-125.000 studs
20.Minikit Detector-500.000 studs

DLC Packs:

DLC Pack 1-5.99$-Friends

1.Larry The Lobster-Super Strenght
3.Doodlebob-Pencil Attack
4.Mama.Krabs-Throw Muffins

DLC Pack 2-5.99$-Enemys/Other

6.The Flying Dutchman-Ghostly Pirate Sword,Fly
7.Spongebob (Pirate)-Sword
8.The Dirty Bubble-Shoot dirty bubbles
9.King Neptune-Trident(Shoot Lazers)
10.Bus Driver-none

EXTRA-1 Free DLC Pack With Pre-Ordered Game (Random Pack)

Hope it is Good :)


Bikini Bottom-Get 1.000.000 studs

Special Pre-Order Character

Spongebob (Cyborg)


1 DLC Pack (Random)





LEGO SPONGEBOB-Battle for Bikinni Bottom (MY Version)ART WORK 1

Level Map

Level Map

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