'Lego Star Wars: 'The Force Unleashed is a 2013 video game released by Traveler's Tales and Lego. It is based off the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games by Lucasarts. It features content from both games and their downloadable content


The Force Unleashed

Level 1: Prolouge

Playable Characters: Darth Vader, Imperial Officer

Allies: Stormtroopers

Enemies: Wookie Infantry, Wookie Beserkers

Boss: Kento Malak (12 Hearts)

Vehicles: AT-ST, Wookie Flyer

Level 2: TIE Construction Yard

Playable Characters: Starkiller, PROXY

Enemies: Militia Troopers, Militia Saboteurs, Militia Elites, Imperial Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers

Boss: General Rham Kota (5 Hearts)

Vehicles: AT-CT, Crane

Level 3: Raxus Prime

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Heavy Traning Gear), Juno Eclipse

Enemies: Roadian Rippers, Roadian Heavy Defenders, Jawas, Scrap Gurdian, Scrap Drone

Bosses: Junk Titan (5 Hearts), Kazdan Paratus (6 Hearts)

Vehicles: Skiff, Tractor

Level 4: Felucia

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Light Traning Gear), PROXY

Enemies: Felucian Wariors, Felucian Shamen, Felucian Cheiftians

Bosses: Rancor (8 Hearts), Shaak Ti (10 Hearts)

Level 5: Cloud City

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Bounty Hunter Disguise), Juno Eclipse (Tank Top), Rham Kota (Blind)

Enemies: Rodian Grenaders, Gamorean Axemen, Blaster Humans, Stormtroopers, Jumptroopers, Senate Guards, Scout Troopers, Shadow Troopers, Ugnaughts

Bosses: Uggernaught (3 Hearts), Shadow Guard (5 Hearts)

Level 6: Kashyyyk

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Corellian Jumpsuit), PROXY, Princess Leia, R2-D2

Allies: Wookie Slaves

Enemies: Stormtroopers, Incinerator Trooper, Shadow Troopers, Stromtrooper Comanders, EVO Troopers, Jumptroopers, Senate Guards, Royal Guards

Bosses: Purge Trooper (3 Hearts), Captain Ozzik Sturn (6 Hearts)

Vehicles: Wookie Flyer

Level 7: Return to Felucia

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Jungle Combat Gear), Juno Eclipse (Tank Top), Bail Organa

Enemies: Dark Felucian Wariors, Dark Felucian Shamen, Dark Felucian Cheiftans, Stormtroopers, EVO Troopers, Incinerator Troopers

Bosses: Bull Rancor (6 Hearts), Maris Brood (8 Hearts)

Level 8: Return To Raxus Prime

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Industrial Explorer), Rahm Kota (Blind)

Enemies: Rodian Heavy Defenders, Rodian Rippers, Jawas, Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, Imperial Officers, EVO Troopers, Stormtrooper Comander, TIE Fighters

Bosses: PROXY (10 Hearts), Imperial Star Destroyer (20 Hearts)

Level 9: Death Star

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Jedi), Juno Eclipse (Tank Top), Rham Kota (Rebellion)

Enemies: Imperial Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, EVO Troopers, Royal Guards, Jumptroopers, Incinerator Troopers

Bosses: Darth Vader (10 Hearts), The Emperor (15 Hearts)

The Force Unleashed II

Level 1: Kamino

Playable Characters: Clone Starkiller (Kamino), Darth Vader, Mechanic

Enemies: Training Droids, Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper Comanders, Riot Troopers

Boss: Darth Vader (5 Hearts)

Level 2: Cato Nemodia

Playable Characters: Clone Starkiller (TIE Pilot), Mechanic, Rham Kota (Arena)

Enemies: Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper Comanders, Riot Troopers, Jumptroopers, Gladiators

Bosses: Baron Tarko (3 Hearts), Carbonite Wardroid (5 Hearts), The Gorog (10 Hearts)

Vehicles: Sky Tram, AT-MP

Level 3: The Cave

Playable Characters: Clone Starkiller (Tie pilot,then Dagohbah), Yoda

Enemies: Starkiller Visions

Boss: Vision Darth Vader (5 Hearts)

Level 4: The Salvation

Playable Characters: Clone Starkiller (Rebellion), Rahm Kota (Rebellion), Rebel Officer, PROXY (Damaged)

Allies: Rebel Troopers

Enemies: Terror Troopers, Terror Droids, Stromtroopers, Stormtrooper Comanders

Bosses: Boba Fett (5 Hearts), Terror Walker (10 Hearts)

Vehicles: Hover-Transport, Crane

Level 5: Into The Fray

Playable Characters: Clone Starkiller (Rebellion), Rham Kota (Rebellion), Rebel Officer, PROXY (Damaged)

Allies: Rebel Troopers

Enemies: Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper Comanders, Terror Troopers, Royal Guards

Bosses: Incinerator Wardroid (5 Hearts), Shadow Guard (6 Hearts)

Vehicles: Hover-Transport, Street Cleaner

Level 6: Battle of Kamino

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Battle-Damaged), Rebel Officer, Rham Kota (Rebellion), PROXY (Damaged)

Allies: Rebel Troopers

Enemies: Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper Comanders, Imperial Officers, Jumptroopers, Riot Troopers, Scout Troopers, Starkiller Clones

Boss: Imperial Scientist (3 Hearts)

Level 7: The Final Duel

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Battle-Damaged), PROXY, Juno Eclipse (Rebellion)

Enemies: Starkiller Clones

Boss: Darth Vader (10 Hearts)

Downloadable Content

Level 1: Tatooine

Playable Characters: Lord Starkiller (Tatooine), Captian Keehna (Tatooine) PROXY (Wrecked)

Enemies: Gamorean Guards, Jawas, Tusken Raiders

Bosses: The Rancor (6 Hearts), Boba Fett (5 Hearts), Ben Kenobi (10 Hearts), Ghost Ben Kenobi (15 Hearts)

Vehicles: Skiff

Level 2: Hoth

Playable Characters: Lord Starkiller (Hoth), Captain Keehna (Hoth), Lieutendent Mason (Hoth)

Enemies: Rebel Trooper (Hoth), Rebel Officer (Hoth), Rebel Pilot, Rebel Grenader, Wampas

Boss: Luke Skywalker (10 Hearts)

Vehicles: AT-ST, Hoth Tank, Tauntaun

Level 3: Jedi Temple

Playable Characters: Starkiller (Temple), Juno Eclipse (Tank Top)

Enemies: Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper Comanders, Training Droids

Boss: Sith Stalker (6 Hearts)

Level 4: Endor

Playable Characters: Dark Aprentice (Endor), Captian Sarkli

Enemies: Rebel Troopers (Endor), Rebel Officers (Endor), Ewok, Stormtropers, Stormtrooper Comanders, Jumptroopers, Scout Troopers

Bosses: Chewbacca (5 Hearts), Han Solo (3 Hearts), Princess Leia (10 Hearts)

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