Hub World

The Hub for the game is in the Rogue Shadow and (like Star Wars 3:The Clone Wars) you can travel to any of the planets(More coming soon).

Levels'/ Planets

PLANETS TO EXPLORE: kyssak, cloud city, curascant(jedi temple), raxus prime, tattooie, and more

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

All levels for Star Wars the Force Unleashed.



Characters: Darth Vader, Clone Trooper, Clone Trooper Comander.

Enemies: Wookies

Boss: Rogue Jedi

Minikit: Wookie fighter

Unlockables: Darth Vader, Clone Trooper, Clone Comander, Rogue Jedi (250,000), Galen Marek (Young)(100,000)

Free Roming

Characters: Clone Troopers, Clone Trooper Comanders, Wookies, Rogue Jedi, Galen Marek (Young)

Vehicles: Wookie Fighter

TIE Factory


Characters: Galen Marek, Juno Eclipse, PROXY

Enemies: Milta Troopers, Milta Heavys, Stormtroopers

Boss: Ralm Kota

Minikit: TIE Fighter

Unlockables: Galen Marek, Juno Eclipse, PROXY, Milta Troopers (75,000), Milta Heavys (75,000), Stormtroopers (60,000)

Free Roming

Characters: Milta Troopers, Milta Heavys, Stormtroopers

Vehicles: TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber

Raxus Prime


Characters: Galen Marek (Heavy Traning), PROXY

Enemies: Jawas, Radions, Scrap Drones, Scrap Monsters

Bosses: Junk Titan, Kazdan Paratus

Minikit: Scavanger Skiff

Unlockables: Galen Marek (Heavy Traning), Jawas (80,000), Radions (200,000), Scrap Drones (1,000), Scrap Monster (100,000), Junk Titan (200,000), Kazdan Paratus (300,000)

Free Roming

Characters: Jawas, Radions, Scrap Drones, Scrap Monsters, Junk Titans, Kazdan Paratus

Vehicle: Scavenger Skiff



Characters: Galen Marek (Light training), PROXY

Enemies: Felucian Native

Bosses:Rancor, Shaak Ti

Minikit: Rancor???

Unlockables: Galen Marek (Light training), Felucian Native (100,000), Rancor (500,000), Shaak Ti (300,000)

Free Roming

Characters: Felucian Natives, Rancors, Shaak Ti

Vehicle: Rancor???

The Empiral

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