Lego Star Wars Battlefront03:06

Lego Star Wars Battlefront

Sneak Peak

Lego STBF Main Screen
SWBF Gameplay


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Battle of Grassy Plains

Players: Battle Droid

Enemies: Gungan

Bosses: Jar Jar Binks, Captain Tarpals

Rebellion on Theed

Players: Droideka, Battle Droid

Enemies: Naboo Guard

Boss: Queen Amidala

Agressive Negotiations

Players: Count Dooku, Super Battle Droid

Enemies: Wookies

The Battle of Genosis

Players: Mace Windu, Clone Trooper

Enemies: Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, Wheel Droids, Genosian

Boss: Techno Union Ship

Assault on Kamino

Players: ARC Trooper

Enemies: Super Battle Droid

Mountaintop Defences

Players: Jet Trooper

Enemies: Assault Battle Droids

Battle of Kassyke

Players: Clone Trooper

Enemies: Battle Droids

Desert Extermination

Players: Sandtrooper

Enemies: Tusken Raiders, Darth Vader

Sabotage at Rhen Var

Players: Dark Trooper

Enemies: Rebel Vanguards

Assault on Yavin 4

Players: Stormtrooper

Enemies: Rebel Pilots

The Battle of Hoth

Players: Snowtrooper

Enemies: Rebel Snow Soldiers

Liberation on Bespin

Players: Stormtrooper

Enemies: Wookies, Smugglers

The Battle of Endor

Players: Scout Trooper

Enemies: Wookies, Ewoks, Rebel Endor Soldiers, Smugglers


Clone Trooper

Super Battle Droid

Battle Droid

Rebel Soldier


Clone Sharpshooter

Assassin Droid

Rebel Marksman

Scout Trooper

Clone Pilot

Droid Pilot

Imperial Pilot

Rebel Pilot

ARC Trooper

Assault Droid

Rebel Vanguard

Shock Trooper

Jet Trooper




Dark Trooper


Jar Jar Binks

Captain Tarpals

Naboo Guard

Queen Amidala

Count Dooku

Mace Windu



Tusken Raider

Darth Vader



Rebel Snow Soldier

Rebel Endor Soldier

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