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LEGO Star Wars IV is the 5th video game in LEGO Star Wars. It has some levels from III, but they are edited.

Chapter 1

Lair of Grievous

Playable Characters: Kit Fisto,Commander Fil,Nahdar Vebb,Fils Squad member, Heavy Clone trooper.

Unlocked: A4-D,Niner,Bel,Magna Guard,R6-H5

Cutscene 1: Kit Fisto is shown on his ship and flys to Vassek. Nahdar and Fil are playing chess intill Kit arrives. Nahdar sees a place and He,Kit,Fil,Two clones go inside....

Cutscene 2: A trap opens and Kit,The Fils squad clone and Nahdar jump out of it and Fil and Clone fall in but Fill uses his grappilng hook to get out of the trap.

Cutscene 3: A door opens and Gor comes out. Kit and Nahdar take out there lightsaber.

Cutscene 4: Gor slams the clone in to a wall and throws him. It grabs Fil and Slams him and Throws him. Kit Fisto kills Gor.

Last Cutscene: General Grievous kills Nahdar Vebb and Kit Gets to his ship and flys away.

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