Lego Superman the videogame

Superman 1

1.Arriving at Earth

summary- Help Kal-El out of the spacecraft and fix the old couples car.

characters-Kal-El (child), Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent

2.Up to the north

summary-Head to the north pole, dispose of the kryptonite and explore the fortress of solitude.

characters-Clark(teen), Martha(old)


summary-Arrive at Metropolis and get a job at the daily planet. Then try and find a good news story.

characters-Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane

4.Saving America

summary-Save Lois and the helicopter she is in. Then stop crime and help people in trouble in Metropolis.

characters-Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Superman

5.Lex Luthors scheme

summary-Fight Lex Luthor then try to save Superman from drowning in Luthors pool.

characters-Superman, Miss Tessmacher

6.Stop Luthors plan

summary-Stop the missiles, save Lois and save the earth. Then take Lex and his henchman to prison.

characters-Superman, Lois Lane

Superman 2

1.Eifel Tower madness

summary-Stop the terrorists and save Paris.

characters-Superman, Lois Lane

2.Are you Superman???

summary-Save Lois without giving away Clark is Superman.

characters-Clark(honeymoon), Lois(honeymoon)

3.Supermans secret's out

summary-Go to the fortress of solitude and turn Superman into a mortal.

characters-Superman, Lois Lane

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