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LEGO Terminatoris a 2013 videogame based on the movie franchise Terminator.


The gameplay is not different to the previous Lego games. As usual, the player (or players, if playing co-op mode) must play the story mode in order to unlock the free game mode in which he can play every kind of character. In every level there's a total of ten collectibles, the Terminator's microchips and a red brick, which unlocks an extra to help the gamers. In addition, collecting a certain amount of Lego studs, the player gets the status of True Human. In the game there are also 100 Gold bricks. There is one Gold brick per level, plus you get one by completing story mode, one after getting the True Human status and one if you get all of the microchips. You get a gold brick per film getting all the microchips.



  • Time travel

Characters: T-800, Kyle Reese

  • Escaping from the T-800

Characters: Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor

  • The police station

Characters: Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor

  • The Jungle

Characters: Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor

  • The future

Characters: Kyle Reese, John Connor (adult)

  • Final fight

Characters: Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor

Terminator 2: The Judgment Day

  • Chase in the street

Characters: T-800, John Connor (child)

  • The hospital

Characters: T-800, John Connor (child)

  • Escape from the hospital

Characters: T-800, John Connor (child)

  • Miles Dyson

Characters: T-800, John Connor (child), Sarah Connor

  • Cyberdyne System

Characters: T-800, John Connor (child), Sarah Connor, Miles Dyson

  • The T-1000

Characters: T-800, John Connor (child), Sarah Connor

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Terminator: Salvation

Bonus missions

The game features six bonus missions based on The Sarah Connor's Chronicles tv series, plus a special one, the classical Lego City in which the player must get 1,000,000 studs.

  • Gnothi Seauton - Gold bricks required: 15
  • Dungeons & Dragons - Gold bricks required: 40
  • Samson & Delilah - Gold bricks required: 55
  • The Mousetrap - Gold bricks required: 70
  • The Good Wound - Gold bricks required: 80
  • Today is the day- Gold bricks required: 90
  • Lego City (set in the future) - Gold bricks required: 100

Red bricks


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