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Lego 39 Clues is the first in the Lego 39 Clues Series.

The main hub is Grace's Mansion for the first book, Janus Stronghold for second, Alistair Oh's house for 3rd, Ekaterina hotel for fourth, and the Amber Room for the fifth.

The Maze of Bones

Grace's Library

Summary: Find Poor Richard's Almanac and escape from the fire

Characters: Amy Cahill, Dan Cahill, Alistair Oh

Lucian Stronghold

Summary: Infiltrate the stronghold without anyone seeing you.

Characters: Dan, Amy

Graveyard Trap

Summary: Get out of the grave and fight the Holts and the guards

Characters: Dan, Amy

Boss: Head Guard 3 hearts

Unlockable Weapon: Concussion Bomb

The Catacombs

Summary: Find your way through the catacombs and escape

Characters: Dan, Amy, Nellie

Weapon Available to Buy: Dart Gun

Grave Digging

Characters: Dan, Amy

Unlockable Weapon: Ice Cream Box

Boss: Holt's Van 5 hearts

One False Note

Train Attack

Summary: The Holts have attacked Amy and Dan on their train! Characters: Dan, Amy, Nellie, Saladin

Boss: Eisenhower Holt 3 hearts

Hotel Break-In

Characters: Dan, Amy

Catacombs Again

Characters: Dan, Amy

Canal Chase

Characters: Dan, Amy

Racco's Mansion

The Sword Thief

Airport Sabotage

Chapter 2 The Holts Take Over

Chapter 3 Yakuza

Chapter 4 Alistair's Mansion

Trust No One

Beyond the Grave

Chapter 1 Entering Egypt

Chapter 2 Ekat Hotel

Chapter 3 Tomb of Nefertari

Chapter 4 Stranded

Chapter 5 Danger in the Water

The Black Circle

Chapter 1 Airport Fight

Chapter 2 The Motherland Calls

Chapter 3 The Road of Bones

Chapter 4 NRR

Chapter 5 The Amber Room


Ekat-Open Ekat tool box, program computers

Tomas- Super Strength

Lucian-Solve codes, get past guards

Janus-Paint to get past doorways, create sculptures


  • Amy Cahill (also as adult disguise and funeral)
  • Dan Cahill (also as adult disguise, ninja, and funeral)
  • Alistair Oh (also as funeral)
  • Nellie Gomez
  • Saladin
  • Ian Kabra (also as funeral)
  • Natalie Kabra
  • Irina Spasky
  • Eisenhower Holt
  • Mary-Todd Holt
  • Hamilton Holt
  • Madison Holt
  • Reagan Holt
  • Arnold
  • Jonah Wizard
  • Broderick Wizard
  • William McIntyre
  • Ponytail
  • Lucian Agent
  • Tomas Agent
  • Ekat Agent
  • Janus Agent
  • Bae Oh
  • Theo
  • Hilary
  • Grace Cahill
  • Man in Black
  • Aunt Beatrice
  • Nataliya Radova (NRR)
  • Security Guard
  • Ned Starling
  • Ted Starling
  • Sinead Starling
  • Isabel Kabra (Bonus Character)
  • Grace Cahill
  • Kabra Henchman
  • Cora Wizard
  • Yakuza

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