The second out of third lego 39 clues video game. The hub is Krakatau for the 6th book, the Tomas Stronghold for the 7th, Mt. Everest for the 8th, Moore Town for the 9th, and the Madrigal Stronghold for the 10th.

In Too Deep

Chapter 1 The Museum

Chapter 2 Surfing Fun

Chapter 3 Kabra Trap

Chapter 4 Cooper Pedy

Chapter 5 Fire on Krakatau

The Viper's Nest

Chapter 1 Escape from Krakatu

Chapter 2 Holt Trap

Chapter 3 Churchill Cave

Chapter 4 Tomas Stronghold

Chapter 5 Poisoned

The Emperor's Code

Chapter 1 The Forbidden City

Chapter 2 Lollipop Factory

Chapter 3 Shaolin Temple

Chapter 4 Terracotta Trap

Chapter 5 Mt. Everest

Storm Warning

Chapter 1 Oceanus

Chapter 2 Bear Cave

Chapter 3 Attack the Kabras

Chapter 4 Lester

Chapter 5 Moore Town

Into the Gauntlet

Chapter 1 Bugs

Chapter 2 Skirmish at the Globe

Chapter 3 Shakespeare's Tomb

Chapter 4 Into the Stronghold

Chapter 5 The Master Serum

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