Lego The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Videogame is the fourth Lego Batman videogame and import levels from the three The Dark Knight movies.


Batman Begins:

  1. Prologue = Characters: Bruce Wayne ( Warrior); Ra's al Ghul; Master Boss: Master (4 Lives)
  2. Battle at the Harbour = Characters: Batman; Guard (Harbour)
  3. Arkham = Characters: Batman; Rachel Dawes Boss: Scarecrow ( 3 Lives)
  4. Fire at the birthday = Characters: Bruce Wayne; Alfred
  5. Ra's al Ghul = Characters (in Splitscreen) : Batman/ James Gordon Boss: Ra's al Ghul (6 Lives)

The Dark Knight:

1. Scarerows Arrest = Characters: Batman; Batman (Dummy) Boss: Scarecrowe (4 Lives)

2. Clowns at the party = Characters: Batman; Rachel Dawes; Alfred

3. The battle on the street = Vehicles: Batmobile; Truck

4. The Joker: Characters: Batman; James Gordan Boss= Joker ( 8 Lives)

5. Two-Face: Characters: Batman; James Gordon; Barbara Gordon Boss = Two Face ( 3 Lives)

The Dark Knight Rises:

  1. Batman and Catwoman = (Chapter 1) Vehicles: Batmobile; Policetruck (Chapter 2) Characters: Batman; Catwoman
  2. Defenseless = Characters: Batman; Catwoman Boss= Bane (5 Lives)
  3. The Break-Out = Characters: Bruce Wayne (bruised); Ra's al Ghul (Ghost)
  4. Bane = Characters: Batman; Catwoman Boss= Bane (5 Lives)
  5. The Bomb=Jim Gordon; John Blake

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