This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world throughout a zombie infection. It is set on a group of high schoolers who are on their field trip's bus crashes in a canyon. 


Level 1: Bus Crash

Summary: It starts with the teenagers riding in the bus on their field trip. Jared and Jorge are fighting and Daniel with Amy have to pull them apart. Next the bus driver hits an infected person and falls into a canyon. Daniel and Amy wake up and have to try to find survivors and supplies. You then have to fight ten zombies and then break out of the bus. They then find a house on the hill and investigate.

Characters: Daniel Shale, Amy Fajardo, Jorge Rubio

Enemies: Walker (Man), Walker (Woman)

Bosses: Jared (Walker), Mrs. Pruden (Walker)

Level 2: The Apocalypse

Summary: The group make it to the city and find out it's pretty much destroyed. They meet a group of survivors and scavenge a hospital. Able gets bit and they make it out of the hospital.

Characters: Daniel Shale, Amy Fajardo, Jorge Rubio, Anna Williams, Able Myers, Shane Polk

Enemies: Walker (Man), Walker (Woman), Walker (Doctor), Walker (Nurse)

Level 3: One Bite, You Turn.


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