Lego Transformers

After working on Lego Jurassic Park, I realized that if I could create huge lego dinosaurs for a video game, why not be able to create Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and all of our Autobot and Decepticon friends?

This game would focus on the three Micheal Bay Films, and possibly Rise of Galvitron, if it is released someday.


Level 1: Soccent Base

Level 2: Barricade Chase

Level 3: The Autobots

Level 4: Hoover Dam

Level 5: Mission City

Level 6: The Power of the All Spark

Revenge of the Fallen

Level 1: Shanghai Battle

Level 2: Forest Fight

Level 3: The Air and Space Museum

Level 4: The Dagger's Tip

Level 5: Devastator

Opening Cutscene: Skids and Mudflap roll up to area where Devastator transforms in the movie. Leo and Simmons get out of the car, and the 9 vehicles with decepticon logos roll up and transform into Devastator. Leo faints in shock, and Simmons drags him off of the screen.

Gameplay 1: Play as Leo, Simmons, Skids, and Mudflap to get rid of 6 of Devastator's hearts (out of 7) by shooting a target inside his mouth at a certain point in his AI Routine using Skids or Mudflap, and then climbing ladders on the vehicles he's made of as Leo or Simmons to punch something off of his body, and that whole thing gets rid of 2 hearts. Repeat that process 2 more times.

Midtro Cutscene: Devastator is about to eat Mudflap when Skids jumps in front of him holding a large dog bone and throughs it towards one of the pyramids. Devastator crawls after it, and then he gets on the pyramid and starts opening the top to reveal the Sun Harvestor. Simmons pulls out Walkie Talkie and calls Captain Wilder on the Aircraft Carrier.

Gameplay 2: Play as Captain Wilder and US Cannon Gunner to aim the prototype gun at Devastator and shoot him down to get rid of his 7th heart.

Ending Cutscene: Devastator is shot and killed, he falls off of the pyramid, Leo and Simmons high five.

Level 6: The Matrix of Leadership

Dark of the Moon

Level 1: Moon Mission

Level 2: Discovery at Chernobyl

Level 3: Freeway Chase

Level 4: Sneaking into Chicago

Level 5: Attack of the Driller

Opening Cutscene: Epps, Sam, Carly, and the other soldiers are running down street, and then run into the giant glass building. Carly points to the stairs, Sam disagrees and points at the elavator, and the soldiers agree with him. They all try to squeeze their way into the elevator, which ends up really crowded, and then the power goes out, forcing them to leave, and go up the stairs.

Level 6: Prime's Fight

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