Lego Twilight has all 5 Movies To Play Through.

Character Name Weapons Abilities Picture
Belle Swan Knife Mental Shield


Edward Cullen Knife Telepathy

Super Speed

Vampire Powers

Carlisle Cullen Vampire Powers
Esme Cullen Vampire Powers
Alice Cullen Knife Vampire Powers

Enchanted Agility

Emmett Cullen Can Pull Orange Handles

Vampire Powers

Rosalie Hale Vampire Powers

Can Open Doors by Making The Guards Die by Her Beauty

Jasper Hale Vampire Powers
Charlie Swan Gun Can Shoot Targets
Renee Dwyer
Phil Dwyer Can Pull Orange Handles
Young Bella Can Go Through Small Character Hatches
James Vampire Power

Tracking Sense

Can Open Villain Doors

Victoria Vampire Powers

Can Open Villain Doors

Laurent Vampire Powers

Can Open Villain Doors

Jacob Black Can Change Into a Wolf

Can Pull Orange Handles


Sam Uley Telepathy

Can Change Into a Wolf

Billy Black Fishing Rod


Can Fish At Lego Docks

Can Shoot Targets

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