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Adventure is out there!

Summary: Find Carl's Balloon

Players: Carl (Young), Ellie (Young)

Characters Unlocked: Carl (Young), Ellie (Young)

Off and Away!

Summary: Find all three of Carl's Balloon Pack's and inflate them.

Players: Carl

Characters Unlocked: Carl, A.J, George

Bad Weather

Summary: After finding Russel, Guide the House through the Thunder Clouds!

Players: Carl's House

Enemies: Thunder Clouds

Foggy Chase

Summary: The House starts to float away! chase it!

Players: Carl, Russel

Characters Unlocked: Russel

Dog Attack

Summary: You walk the house to the falls, but soon meet Dogs!

Players: Carl, Russel, Kevin

Enemies: Dogs

Characters Unlocked: Kevin, Dog

The Mysterious Person

Summary: You see a Shadowey Person in the Distance, who is he?

Players: Carl, Russel, Kevin

A fan of Mine

Summary: Escape the Dogs!

Players: Kevin (with Carl and Russel on his Back), Dug

Enemies: Dogs

Characters Unlocked: Dug

Battle in the Blimp

Summary: Defeat Charles Muntz

Players: Carl, Russel, Kevin, Dug

Enemies: Dogs

Bosses: Beta and Gamma - 4 hearts each, Alpha - 5 hearts, Muntz - 3 hearts, then another 3 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Beta, Gamma, Alpha, Muntz


  • Carl (also as Young, Grown up, Old) - Super hearing, Fly with Balloons
  • Ellie - (Also as Young, Grown up) -  Compass
  • Russel - Trumpet, Can ride Kevin, Rope
  • Muntz - Rifle, Super Strength
  • Kevin
  • Dug - can activate Doggie Panels, can sniff out objects
  • Dog - same powers as dug
  • Alpha - Same powers as Dug
  • Beta - Same powers as Dug
  • Gamma - Same Powers as Dug
  • Tom - Megaphone, Drill
  • Construction Worker - Drill
  • Securuity Guard
  • George
  • AJ

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