Lego Percy Jackson the Video Game: Books 1-3

The Lightning Thief:

Chapter 1: My Teacher is a Monster

Playable Characters: Percy, Grover

Setting: Percy's School

Boss: Mrs. Dodds(3 hearts)

Chapter 2: The Minotaur

Playable Characters: Percy, Susan, Grover

Boss: The Minotaur(8 hearts)

Chapter 3: Camp Half-Blood

Playable Characters: Percy(Armor), Luke(Armor)

Boss: Annabeth(Armor)(8 hearts)

Chapter 4: Medusa

Playable Characters: Percy, Grover, Annabeth

Boss: Medusa(10 hearts)

Chapter 5: The Lotus Casino

Playable Characters: Percy, Grover, Annabeth

Chapter 6: The Underworld

Playable Characters: Percy, Grover, Annabeth

Boss: Hades(10 hearts)

Chapter 7: Ares

Playable Characters: Percy, Grover, Annabeth

Boss: Ares(20 hearts)

the sea of monsters

level 7 dodgeball

charecters percy tyson

location the gym

enemies laistrygonians

boss joe 5 hearts

level 8 bird women attack

charecters percy clarrise phineas grover annabeth tyson

enemies harpies

level 9 the skyla and charybdis

charecters percy annabeth clarrise grover tyson two sailerman

locations the queen annas revenge

bosses charybdis 6 hearts skyla 9 hearts

level 10 i turn into a gueina pig

locations ccs spa and resort

charecters percy annabeth

boss cc 8 hearts

level 11 polyphemuses lair

charecters percy annabeth grover clarrise tyson

location polyphemuses lair

boss polyphemus 11 hearts

level 12 nobady gets the fleece

hint this level is quick

locations polyphemuses lair the queen annas revenge

charecters tyson grover percy annabeth clarrise

boss polyphemus 3 silver hearts

the titans curse

level 13 we meet some odd half bloods

charecters nico annabeth bianca percy grover

locations percys school

boss dr thorn 5 hearts

level 14 the museum of chaos

charecters bianca percy grover zoe

boss nemean lion 5 hearts

level 15 a gift

charecters percy grover bianca zoe thalia

boss the ethrymunion boar 7 hearts

level 16 talos

charecters bianca zoe percy thalia grover

boss talos 20 hearts

level 17 dr thorn again

charecters percy grover

boss dr thorn 4 hearts

level 18 dragon with many heads

charecters percy zoe

boss ladon 5 herats

level 19 my father

charecters percy zoe thalia

bosses atlas luke

location the top of the sky

the end for now........


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