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Lego Planet of the Apes is a game created by TT Games and 20th Century Fox that goes through the five original movies and also including the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie and the 2001 Planet of the Apes from Tim Burton.


Players can explore famous locations in the different Planet of the Apes movies, locations like Earth 2009 and 2018, the planet Aslar, the Oberon Space Station, Earth 3978, Earth 1973, Earth 1991, and Future Earth.There is no definite hub.


Each level is inspired by all the Planet of the Apes movies seen in theaters. Below you can see the movies and their levels. Enjoy!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Chapter 1:The Beginning

Objective:Escape the poachers before they capture, find the group, and protect Bright Eyes. As Will and Robert: chase down Bright Eyes.

Characters:Bright Eyes, Alpha, later Will Rodman(Gen Sys), Robert Franklin.


Locations Unlocked: Africa, Gen Sys Laboratory

Chapter 2:In the Neighborhood

Objective: Go to the Sequioa Park, later chase down and attack Hunsiker.

Characters: Caesar(Clothes), Will(Shirt),Caroline Arahna, Charles Rodman (Pyjamas)

Boss: Hunsiker( 3 lives)

Locations Unlocked: Sequioa Park, Neighborhood

Chapter 3:The Ape Facility

Objective:Go to the San Bruno Primate Shelter and, as Caesar, defend yourself against Rocket.

Characters: Caesar (Clothes), Will, Caroline, Maurice

Enemies: Other Apes

Boss: Rocket (6 lives)

Locations Unlocked: San Bruno Primate Shelter

Chapter 4:New Friends

Objective:Befriend Buck, Rocket and the other apes; lead the apes to freedom.

Characters:Caesar(Pants), Buck, Maurice, and Rocket.

Boss:Dodge Landon (4 lives), Rodney(4 lives)

Chapter 5:The Outside World

Objective:Lead the apes across San Francisco.

Characters:Caesar(Weapon:Command, spear), Buck(Weapon:land post), Maurice(Weapon:sewer plate), Koba, Lucky, Cornelia

Enemies: people, police

Boss:Police cars(3 waves), Steven Jacobs(3 lives)

Locations Unlocked: San Francisco

Chapter 6: Caesar is Home

Objective: Make your way through the Golden Gate Bridge as the apes and ,as Will, chasing them.

Characters:Will(Jacket), Caroline(Jacket), Koba ,Caesar, Maurice, Buck

Enemies: police

Boss: Helicopter (6 lives)

Locations Unlocked: Golden Gate Bridge

Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton)

Chapter 1:Time Travel

Objective: Track down Pericles on the Oberon Space Station.

Characters:Leo Davidson, Grace Alexander

Locations Unlocked:Oberon Space Station

Chapter 2: A New World

Objective:Run from the attacking apes.

Characters:Leo(Crashlanded), Karubi, Daena

Enemies:Gorillas(Ashlar), Chimpanzee Warriors

Locations Unlocked:Forest of Ashlar

Chapter 3:Derkein

Objective: With the help of Ari and Krull, escape the Ape City of Derkein.

Characters:Leo(Servant), Daena(Servant), Karubi, Tival, Birn, Ari, Krull, Limbo

Enemies:Chimpanzee Warriors, Gorillas

Locations Unlocked:Derkein

Chapter 4:The Ape Camp

Objective:Go through the ape camp.

Characters:Leo, Daena, Birn, Ari, Krull, Limbo

Enemies: Gorillas

Boss: Colonel Attar(8 lives)

Locations Unlocked:The Ape Camp

Chapter 5:Calima

Objective:Explore the Forbidden Zone.

Characters:Leo, Daena, Birn, Ari, Krull, Limbo

Locations Unlocked:Calima

Chapter 6:Thade's Charge

Objective: Confront General Thade and his army.

Characters:Leo, Daena. Birn, Limbo, Ari, Krull

Enemies:Chimpanzee Warriors, Gorillas on horses

Boss:Thade(8 lives) as Leo and the others, Attar(4 lives) as Krull

Planet of the Apes (1968)

Chapter 1: Planet of the Apes

Objective: Find your way through the Forbidden Zone.

Characters:George Taylor (Astronaut), John Landon (Astronaut), Thomas Dodge(Astronaut)

Enemies:Gorilla Soldiers

Boss:Hunt Leader (5 lives)

Location Unlocked:Hunting Fields

Chapter 2:Mad House

Objective:Explore the Human Management Center.

Characters: Zira, Julius, Dr. Galen

Locations Unlocked: Human Management Center

Chapter 3: Ape City

Objective: Escape Ape City.

Characters:Taylor(Ape City), Zira, Marcus

Enemies: Ape Citizens, Gorilla Soldiers

Boss: Dr. Zaius (4 lives)

Locations Unlocked: Ape City

Chapter 4:Escape to the Forbidden Zone

Objective: Help Taylor and Nova escape Ape City,

Characters:Zira, Cornelius, Lucius, Nova, Taylor

Chapter 5: The Dig Site

Objective: Explore the ruins.

Characters: Dr. Zaius, Cornelius, Lucius, Zira, Taylor, Nova

Enemies:Gorilla soldiers

Locations Unlocked: Dig Site

Chapter 6:The Beast Man

Objective:Ride through the Forbidden Zone in the horse.

Characters:Taylor(Forbidden Zone), Nova, Cornelius, Zira, Lucius

Enemies: Gorilla Soldiers

Boss: Dr. Zaius (6 lives)

Locations Unlocked:Forbidden Zone Coast, Buried Statue of Liberty Area.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Chapter 1: The Forbidden Zone

Objective:Explore the Forbidden Zone.

Characters: Taylor, Nova, John Brent (Astronaut);vehicle: horse

Locations Unlocked: The Forbidden Zone

Chapter 2:Unfriendly Faces

Objective:Escape Ape City as Brent and Nova.

Characters:Brent(Ape City), Nova, Zira, Cornelius

Enemies: Gorilla Soldiers

Chapter 3:The Apes Attack


Characters:Brent, Nova; vehicle: Horse

Enemies: Gorillas on horses

Locations Unlocked: Fields

Chapter 4:Welcome Home

Objective: Find your way toward the tunnel.

Characters: Brent, Nova

Locations Unlocked: Underground New York

Chapter 5: The Apes March

Objective: March your troops across the Forbidden Zone.

Characters:Dr. Zaius, General Ursus, Gorilla soldiers with horses

Chapter 6: Doomsday

Objective:Prevent Earth's doomsday and defeat the apes and mutants.

Characters:Taylor(Beneath), Nova, Brent(Wounded)

Enemies:Gorilla Soldiers, Human Mutants (Beneath)

Boss:Taylor or Brent(6 lives), Ongaro(3 lives), Ursus(6 lives), Dr. Zaius(3 lives)

Locations Unlocked:St. Patrick's Cathedral (Underground)

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Chapter 1:The Astronauts

Objective:Find and retrieve the ANSA Ship.


Locations Unlocked: El Palomar, California

Chapter 2:The Infirmary

Objective:See if the apes are intelligent.

Characters:Cornelius, Zira, Dr.Milo, Dr. Lewis Dixon (Infirmary), Dr. Stephanie Branton (Infirmary)

Boss: Depressed Gorilla(3 lives)

Locations Unlocked: Los Angeles Zoo, Zoo Infirmary

Chapter 3:Moments of Fame


Characters:Cornelius (Suit), Zira (Dress),Dr. Dixon(Suit), Dr. Branton (Suit)

Locations Unlocked: Los Angeles

Chapter 4: Escape from Man

Objective: Escape the clucthes of Man.

Characters: Cornelius, Zira (Pregnant),Dr. Branton; vehicle: car

Enemies: Soldiers (They only attack Cornelius and Zira)

Locations Unlocked: Oil cells, Military Compound

Chapter 5: Armando's Circus


Characters:Dr. Dixon, Armando, Cornelius,Dr. Branton

Locations Unlocked: Armando's Circus

Chapter 6: The Hunted

Objective:Defeat Dr. Hasslein.

Characters: Cornelius, Zira (with baby Caesar)

Boss: Dr. Otto Hasslein (8 lives)

Locations Unlocked: The Harbor

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Chapter 1: Earth 1991

Objective: Stroll around the city.

Characters:Armando (Conquest), Caesar (Conquest)

Locations Unlocked:Modern City

Chapter 2: Amongst the Apes

Objective: Disguise yourself as one of the apes.

Characters: Malcom MacDonald, Caesar (Disguise)

Locations Unlocked: Ape Management 1991

Chapter 3: A Father's Death

Objective: Escape and find Armando.

Characters:Armando, Caesar

Chapter 4: Seeds of Rebellion

Objective: Find apes to assist your revolution.

Characters:Caesar,Frank the Gorilla, Otto, Zelda

Chapter 5: Revolt of the Apes

Objective: Begin the Revolution!

Characters: Caesar, Apes

Enemies:Police men

Boss:Fire Hose Person (3 lives)

Chapter 6: Night of Violence

Objective: Take down Governor Breck once and for all!!!

Characters: Caesar, Lisa (Conquest), Apes

Enemies:Police Officers

Boss: Governor Breck (5 lives)

Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Chapter 1: Aldo's Rage

Objective: Chase`down Abe the Teacher.

Characters: General Aldo, Gorilla Soldiers

Boss: Abe the Teacher (4 lives)

Chapter 2: The Forbidden City

Objective:Explore the Forbidden City.

Characters:Caesar (Battle), Virgil, Bruce MacDonald

Enemies: Human Mutants (Battle)

Chapter 3: The Battle Begins

Objective: Defend yourself against the mutants.

Characters:Caesar, Virgil

Enemies: Human Mutants

Chapter 4: Fight like Apes

Objective:Take down the mutants once and for all!

Characters:Caesar, Virgil, Lisa, Apes

Enemies:Human Mutants

Boss: General Kolp(Mutated) (5 lives)

Chapter 5: Aldo's Command

Objective: Ignore Caesar's command.

Characters: General Aldo, Gorilla Soldiers

Enemies: Human Mutants

Boss: Kolp (3 lives)

Chapter 6: Ape Has Killed Ape


Characters: Caesar, Virgil

Boss: Aldo (12 lives)

Bonus Levels

The Bonus Levels are inspired by the Planet of the Apes Television Series. These events ocurr during 3085.

Planet of the Apes (TV Series)

Bonus Level #1:Escape from Tomorrow