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lego powerpuff girls






season 1

bannas boss mojo jojo 8 hearts goal stop mojo from stealing bannas

down to heck boss him 10 hearts goal defeat him

fuzzing around boss fuzzy 6 hearts goal defeat the lumpkins

gone green bosses snake 3 hearts grubber 4 hearts arturo 5 hearts big billy 6 hearts ace 7 hearts goal destroy gangreen gang

rich boss morebucks 4 hearts goal take morebucks money

germs boss amoeba boys 10 hearts goal stop germs

greek realogey boss sedusa 4 hearts goal put  sedusa back in jail

ruff time boss rowdyruff boys 3 4 and 5 hearts stop destruction

season 2

knock it off boss richard hardly 10 hearts goal defeat clones

zomagic boss azercadver 12 hearts destroy azercadver

music monster boss boogieman 12 waves of monsters goal defeat boogie and save townsville

crash bosses 12 waves of nano bots goal defeat the nano octopuses

season 3

see me feel me traitor bosses gangreen gang sedusa amoeba boys morebucks fuzzy him mojo jojo gnome 3 hearts each goal defeat the gnome

attack of the beatalls bosses 12 waves of beatiles goal destroy hims beatalls

powerpuff girls rule bosses 12 waves of monsters and crimanals goal save the key of the world

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