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The Phantom Menace


Players: You will be playing as Naboo Captain and Naboo Guard for the first part of the story, then the story will switch over to Qui gon and Obi wan

Vechiles: Vulture Droids, Droid Speeders, Droid Loadship

Enemies: Battle Droids

Bosses: 2x droidekas - 5 hearts each

Open World: this is pretty simple. all you need is to fly down to naboo to start the next level.

Invasion of Naboo

Players: Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Jar Jar Binks

Vechiles: Droid Loadship, Gungan Horse, Droid Speeder, Bongo

Enemies: Battle Droids

Bosses: Droid Speeder - 3 hearts, Captain Tarpals - One heart

Open World: Go underwater and qui gon and obi wan will change to underwater form. Follow the Ghost Coins to get to Gungan city. Once you get in you will see captain tarpals blocking your way. smash Bricks until you find some colourful blocks. Put them together to make an ice cream vendor and captain tarpals will stop blocking your way and run over to the ice cream vendor to get ice cream. so cotinue following the Ghost coins until you get the Court, after the cutscene get in the Bongo and follow the ghost coins to the Town of Naboo.


Players: Qui gon, Obi Wan, Jar Jar Binks, Captives

Vechiles: Droid Speeder, Droid Tank, Droid Loadship, Padmes Starship

Enemies: Battle Droids

Boss: Droid Command Ship - 3 Metal Hearts then 12 hearts

Open World: Defeat the Droid Command ship and fly to Tatooine

Mos Espa Podrace (PVP)

Players: Anakin (Race), Sebula (Race), Qui Gon, Darth Maul

Enemies: Tusken Raiders Boss: Qui gon/Darth Maul - 8 hearts, Anakin/Sebula

Open World: You Start off as anakin and Qui Gon and you have to run towards the starship. suddenly Darth Maul comes out and Qui gon and darth maul Battle each other. now this is a PVP battle so that means you can be Qui gon and defeat darth maul, or you can be Darth maul and defeat qui gon. once your done with that, run inside the starship to go to the next Level.

Turoturial level 1: Mind Readers (Turoturial Levels do not count as real Levels!)

Objective: Guess the Five Objects Mace Windu is thinking about!

Players: Anakin's Mind

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Qui Gon (also as Cloak, Underwater, Tatooine) - Green Lightsaber, Force Push, Force Grip

Obi Wan (also as Cloak, Underwater) - Blue Lightsaber, Force Push, Force Grip

Naboo Captain - blaster

Naboo Guard - Blaster

Chancellor Palpatine (also as Hologram) - red lightsaber, Force Lightning

TC-14 - Hacks Computers

Nute Gunray (also as hologram) - blaster

Nemodian (also as hologram, Commander) - Blaster

Battle Droid - Blaster

Secruity Droid - Blaster, Flashlight

Commander Droid - Blaster, Walkie Talkie

Pilot Droid - Blaster, Droid Speeder

The Emperor (also as Hologram) - red lightsaber, Force Lightning

Queen Amidala (also as Black, White, Red)

Captain Panaka - Blaster

Queen Handmaiden (also as Red)

Jar Jar Binks (also as Senator) - Double Jump

Gungan - Double Jump

Captain Tarpals - Electro Spear, Double Jump

Boss Nass - shoots water

Gungan Judge

PK Droid

Padme (also as Tatooine, Handmaiden) - Blaster

Darth Maul (also as Hologram) - Double Red Lightsaber

R2-D2 (also as messy) - shock, Fixs Things, Hacks into Computers

Watto - Fixs Things

Anakin (also as race, Messy) - crawls through small holes, Fixs Things

Sebula (also as race) - Kick, Fixs Things, Crawls through small holes

C-3PO (also as Silver, Being Built) - hacks into computers

Shimi Skywalker (also as hurt)

Probe Droid - Laser, Flashlight

Tusken Raider - Spear, Rifle


Mace Windu - Purple Lightsaber

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