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Sneak Peak

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Level 1: Prolouge

Task 1: Find and kill the Rouge Jedi

Task 2: After you kill the rouge jedi protect Starkiller from  the Imperials killing him

Characters: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper

Enemies: Wookie, Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer

Boss: Rouge Jedi - 6 hearts

Level 2: TIE Construction Yard

Task 1: wipe the hanger clear of anyone you see

Task 2: Defeat the AT-ST

Task 3: Defeat General Kota

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Multilia Trooper, Multilia Sabotuer, Multilia Elite

Bosses: At-St - 3 hearts, General Kota - 8 hearts

Level 3: Trial of Skill

Task: Defeat Darth Desolus

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Stormtroopers

Boss: Darth Desolus

Level 4: Raxus Prime

Task 1: Find and defeat the Junk Behemoth

Task 2: Find and Defeat Drexl Roosh

Task 3: Find and Defeat the Junk Titan

Task 4: Defeat Kazda Paratus

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Junk Bots, Junk Dogs, Junk Golems, Rodians

Bosses: Junk Behemoth - 4 hearts, Drexl Roosh - 6 hearts, Junk Titan - 3 hearts, Kazda Paratus - 3 hearts

Trial of Insight

Task: Defeat Darth Phobus

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Stormtroopers

Boss: Darth Phobus - 8 hearts


Task 1: Find and defeat the Rancors

Task 2: Defeat Shaak Ti

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Felucians

Bosses: 2 Rancors - 3 hearts each, Shaak Ti - 6 hearts

Nar Shaada

Task 1: Locate General Kota

Task 2: Defeat the Shadow Guard

Characters: Starkiller, General Kota (Blind)

Enemies: Bar Scum, Stormtroopers

Boss: Shadow Guard - 12 hearts

Trial of Spirit

Task: Find and defeat Rouge Jedi

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Stormtroopers

Boss: Rouge Jedi - 8 hearts


Task 1: Defeat an AT-ST

Task 2: Defeat Ozzik Sturn

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Wookies, Stormtroopers

Bosses: At-st - 3 hearts, Ozzik Sturn - 4 silver hearts

Dark felucia

Task 1: Defeat the Bull Rancor

Task 2: Defeat Maris Brood

Characters: Starkiller, Multilia Trooper

Enemies: Felucians

Bosses: Bull Rancor - 3 hearts, Maris Brood - 3 hearts

Imperialized Raxus

Task 1: Defeat the AT-ST

Task 2: Defeat the Shadow Guard

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Stormtroopers

Boss: AT-ST - 3 hearts, Shadow Guard - 12 hearts

Cloud City

Task 1: Defeat the Mandolorians

Task 2: Find and Defeat Kleef

Task 3: Defeat the Basilisk

Task 4: Defeat Chop'aa

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Chop'aa Thugs, Mandolorians

Bosses: Kleef - 4 hearts, Basilisk - 3 hearts, Chop'aa - 8 hearts

Darth Star

Task 1: Defeat Darth Vader

Task 2: Defeat the Emperor

Characters: Starkiller

Enemies: Stormtroopers

Boss: Darth Vader - 12 hearts, The Emperor - 16 hearts

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Starkiller - force lightning, Blue lightsaber

General Kota - green lightsaber

Juno Eclipse

Proxy - disguises

Shaak Ti - blue lightsaber

Marris Brood - 2 red lightsabers

Darth Vader - red lightsaber, Force Choke

Stormtrooper - Blaster

Wookie - crossbow, Super strength

Imperial officer - Blaster

Rouge Jedi - blue lightsaber, Fierce force powers

Starkiller (Young) - can crawl through tiny holes

Multilia Trooper - Blaster

Multilia Sabotuer - Black Lightsaber

Multila Elite - Rocket Launcher

Darth Desolus - red lightsaber

Junk Bot

Junk Dog

Junk Golem - super strength

Rodian - Blaster

Drexl Roosh - sword

Kazda Paratus - long blue lightsaber, High jump

Darth Phobus - Disguises, elite red lightsaber


General Kota (Blind)

Bar Scum - super strength

Shadow Guard - Long red lightsaber

Jawa - stuns

Mandolorian - flys, Blaster

Chop'aa Thug - super strength

Kleef - Loooooooooooooooooooong sword

Chop'aa - rocket launcher

The Emperor - Lightning Force

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