This is the last lego 39 clues. The hub is Gideon's lab fo vespers rising and Amy and Dan's mansion for the rest, although you can fly on-location to where the books took place

Vespers Rising

Chapter 1 Gideon's Lab

Characters: Gideon Cahill, Luke Cahill

Bosses: Damien Vesper 3 hearts

Chapter 2 Madeleine's Mission

Characters: Olivia Cahill (to make it co-op friendly), Madeleine Cahill, Madeleine (Joust)

Boss: Knight (3 hearts), Vesper's Carriage (4 hearts)

Chapter 3 Grace's Adventure

Characters: Grace, Drago

Vehicles: Olga

Chapter 4 Bulls-Eye!

Characters: Grace, Drago (to make it co-op friendly)

Chapter 5 Protect the Ring

Characters: Amy (Switzerland), Dan (Switzerland), Fiske

Bosses: Casper Wyoming (5 hearts), Vesper (2)

The Medusa Plot

Chapter 1 School Bus Attack

Summary: Vespers have attacked Amy and Dan's school bus and you must fight them

Characters: Amy, Dan

Vehicles: School Bus

Boss: Vesper Agent 3 hearts

Unlockable Weapon: Fire Hose, Lighter

Chapter 2 Crime of the Century

Summary: You must steal the Medusa and get it to the boat safely

Characters: Amy, Dan, Hamilton

Unlockable Weapons: Ink Squirt Gun

Chapter 3 The Real Deal

Summary: Steal the real Medusa from Tobin

Characters: Amy, Dan, Hamilton, Jonah

Vehicles: Speedboat

Chapter 4 What's in the Colosseum?

Characters: Amy, Dan, Atticus Rosenbloom, Jake Rosenbloom

Chapter 5 Bye Bye Factory

Characters: Hamilton Holt, Sinead Starling, Evan Tolliver, Ian Kabra

Vehicles: Forklift

A King's Ransom

Chapter 1 Ditching Surveillance

Characters: Amy (Disguise), Dan (disguise)

Chapter 2 Auction House

Chapter 3 No Brakes!

Chapter 4 A Vesper in the Family

Chapter 5 A Dangerous Library

The Dead Of Night

Chapter 1: Rescuing Atticus

Chapter 2: The Hostages' Plan

Chapter 3: Escape from Interpol

Chapter 4: Ulugh Beg Observatory

Chapter 5: The Astrolabe


Chapter 1: The Diamond Deception

Chapter 2: Escape

Chapter 3: The Great Apology

Chapter 4: And Then There Were Six

Chapter 5: Hunting A Vesper

Trust No One

Chapter 1: The Mole

Chapter 2: The Voynich

Chapter 3: Um, Dois, Tres

Chapter 4: LaCher, The Collector

Chapter 5: The Real Plan

Day of Doom


Amy Cahill (also as disguise)

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