Lego the simpsons Bartman begins is a game where bart discovers he is a superhero and he calls on homer and lisa to help him on his missions. there are Many bad guys in this game including Fat Tony, Mr Burns, Sideshow Bob and even the dreaded aliens. The Hub is at the Bartcave which includes a Trophy room, Vechiles and the Bartcomputer. When you complete all the hero levels you can play the villain levels where you can be all your favorite Villians. so thats all. have fun reading this!

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Hero Mode

Level 1: Bartman Begins

Summary: dont let the bullys steal artifacts from the musuem

Players: Bartman, Homer

Enemies: Musuem Guards

Bosses: Dolph - 1 heart, Kearny - 4 hearts then 6 hearts

Jim - 8 hearts

Level 2: Fat tonys forces of evil

Fat tony and his gang have stolen Chief wiggums rarest baseball card and hes gonna sell it for LOTS of money! this is a job for bartman!

Players: Bartman, Homer, Chief Wiggum, Lou, Eddie

Enemies: Fat Tony Thugs

Boss: Fat Tony - 8 hearts

Level 3: Sideshow School

principal skinner hired bob as the secretery! secretly bob is trying to take over the school! you must stop him!

Players: Bartman

Boss: Sideshow bob - 6 hearts

Level 4: Call of Krusty

Players: Bartman, Homer

Enemies: Krusty Zombies

Boss: Krustys Giant Statue - 3 hearts

Level 5: Whos afraid of the big Bad Burns?

mr burns is taking all the power in springfield and giving it to the power plant! you must stop him!

Players: Bartman, Homer, Lenny, Carl

Enemies: Power Plant Guards

Bosses: Smithers - 6 hearts, Mr Burns - 3 hearts

Level 6: Dolphin Company

dolphins suddenly became evil! but how?

Players: Bartman, Lisa, Sea Captain

Enemies: Dolphins, Elite Dolphins

Boss: King Snorky - 3 hearts

Level 7: Aliens from outer space

you later found out that the aliens are behind this!

Players: Bartman, Homer

Enemies: Fight 3 rounds of aliens

Villian Mode

Level 1: Musuem Rob

Objective: Rob all the artifacts as dolph and kearny, then meet Jim in the astronmy roon for a boss fight.

Players: Dolph, Kearny, Jim

Enemies: Musuem Guards

Bosses: Bartman - 8 hearts, Homer - 4 hearts

Level 2: Fat, Fit Tony

Players: Fat Tony, Fat Tony Thug

Enemies: Police Officers

Bosses: Homer, Bartman, Chief Wiggum, Lou, Eddie - 5 hearts each

Level 3: Brainwash

Objective: Ask the students if they would like hats they say "Bob" on them (which are the brainwashing hats of course) and then make a Mob of students wearing Bob hats.

Players: Sideshow Bob

Boss: Bartman - 8 hearts

Level 4: Clowns....

Players: Krustys Giant Statue, Krusty Zombie

Enemies: Police Helicopters, Police Cars, Police Officers

Bosses: Bartman - 3 hearts, Homer - 3 hearts

Big Bad Burns

Players: Mr Burns, Smithers

Bosses: Homer, Bartman, Lenny, Carl - 5 hearts each

Sea Savages

Players: King Snorky, Elite Dolphin, Dolphin

Bosses: Bartman, Lisa, Sea Captain - 5 hearts each

Alien Invasion

Players: Alien

Bosses: Bartman - 8 hearts, Homer - 12 hearts



Bartman - glides, Bartarang, Accension Gun

Homer - turns into homer ball, charges, Super Strength

Lisa - saxaphone can hypnotise enemies

Sea Captain - can call sea creatures

Chief Wiggum - Baton, Taser, Gun, Super Strength

Lou - Baton, Taser, Gun

Eddie - Baton, Taser, Gun

Police Officer - Baton, Taser, Gun



Principal Skinner

Krusty - Pet Monkey


Dolph - Laser Gun

Kearny - Laser Gun, Super Strength

Jim - Laser Gun

Fat tony thug - Rapid Gun, Super Strength

Fat Tony - Rapid Gun, Super Strength

Sideshow Bob

Krusty Zombie

Power Plant Guard - Acid Gun

Mr Burns - Pet Hounds


Dolphin - calls sea creatures

Elite Dolphin - Water Gun, calls sea creatures

King Snorky - Calls sea creatures

Alien - can use tentecles to climb walls

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