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LEGO Total Drama is a video game based on all 4 total drama seasons. It has an open world Hub of Camp wawanakwa, the abandoned movie set, and the jumbo jet which brings you to a few locations from TDWT.


  • Owen (as monster costume too)
  • Gwen
  • Duncan
  • Beth
  • Alejandro (as robot form too)
  • Heather (with different hair styles)
  • Lightning
  • Cameron
  • Harold (as samurai too)
  • Courtney
  • Dj
  • Izzy ( as bear costume too)
  • Noah (as intern too)
  • Joe
  • Lindsay
  • Trent
  • B
  • Anne Marie
  • Cody
  • Sierra (as bald too)
  • Mike (as his personalities too)
  • Zoey (as warrior too)
  • Scott
  • Dawn
  • Justin
  • Sadie
  • Katie
  • Ezekiel (as animal form too)
  • Bridgette
  • Geoff
  • Dakota (as intern too)
  • Tyler
  • Staci (as bald too)
  • Brick
  • Eva
  • Blaineley
  • Sam
  • Leshawna
  • Chris(600,000)
  • Chef Hatchet(600,000)
  • intern 1(400,000)
  • intern 2(400,000)
  • intern 3(400,000)
  • sasquatchanakwa (1,000,000)
  • Josh(450,000)

vehicles (open world)

  • wheel chair (20,000)
  • beat up plane (400,000)
  • jet pack (400,000)
  • golf cart (200,000)
  • skate board (20,000)
  • bike (25,000)
  • Yacht (500,000)
  • limousine (600,000)
  • Helicopter (500,000)
  • canoe (200,000)
  • Water-ski (300,000)
  • Chris's ATV (350,000)
  • Go-cart (200,000)
  • hot-air ballon (400,000)
  • bus (350,000)
  • wings (100,000)


  • Acrobat: characters with this ability can do acrobatic moves. Ex: Izzy, Alejandro, Mike (Svetlana)
  • Super strength: charterers with this ability can pull orange handles. Ex: DJ, Alejandro, Joe, Mike (Vito), Eva, sasquatchanakwa, Chef hatchet
  • High IQ: characters with this ability can do things that require very high IQ. Ex: Harold, Cameron, Noah
  • Amazing looks: characters with this ability can distract characters of the opposite gender with their looks: Alejandro, Justin, Mike (Vito), Lindsay, Chris, Dakota,
  • Large size: characters with this ability can activate large button switches with their weight. Ex: Owen, Lewshana, B, Sadie, sasquatchanakwa
  • Music talent: characters with this ability can imitate an song with the help of their own music instrument. Ex: Trent, Justin, Cody, Harold, sasquatchanakwa
  • Employ pass: characters with this ability can get pass sections blocked off by body guards that will only allow total drama employs or important celebrities come through. Ex: Chris, Chef hatchet, Intern 1 and 2 and 3, Dakota (intern), Josh
  • Animal communication: characters with this ability can get animals to calm down and help them. Ex: Dj, Bridgette, Dawn, Ezikel (animal form), Izzy
  • B's unique ability: B can build things out of glowing purple objects
  • Sharp Object usage: characters with this ability can carve symbols out of wood using their own knife or other sharp object. Ex: Duncan, Scott, B, Chef Hatchet
  • Toughness: characters with this ability can fight tough opponents. Ex: Scott, Duncan, Izzy, Alejandro, Eva, joe, Brick

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