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Legolas Greenleaf, a Sindarin Elf from the Forest of Mirkwood. He volunteered to join the Fellowship of the Ring when the Council of Elrond realized that the One Ring needed to be destroyed in order to save Middle-earth from the rising darkness brought about by the ring. Just as Gimli was the only dwarf in league with the fellowship, Legolas was the sole elf in the small band. As such, he was highly skilled in the use of the bow and he also wielded two curved swords in close quarters combat.

Legolas was quite the daring fellow at times, going so far as to even climb atop moving, rampaging monsters to get in a few hits, and then retreat from danger.

He also quarreled with Gimli the Dwarf on numerous, but once the War of the Ring ended, the two finally settled their differences and traveled to the Undying Lands along with Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf. For a time, however, Legolas served as King Aragorn's elven representative.