All Power ln earth is Minimal, Nuclear Power Failing, Time to go back to Mars, But the alien army as grown...


107765: ETX ALIEN SPEEDER $14.99 CAD-149 PCS (Winter 2015)

107766: MT-401 CRYSTAL EXTRACTOR $24.99 CAD-234 PCS (Winter 2015)

107767: ETX ALIEN DROPSHIP $39.99 CAD-344 PCS (Winter 2015)

107768: MT-411 STEALTH DRILLER $39.99 CAD-401 PCS (Winter 2015)

107769: ETX ALIEN PLASMACANNON $49.99 CAD-456 PCS (Winter 2015) (LIGHT-UP)

107770: MX-431 HYPERSONIC SHUTTLE $74.99 CAD-692 PCS (Winter 2015)

107771: ETX ALIEN DEFENSE BASE $99.99 CAD-922 PCS (Winter 2015)

107772: MX-421 ATTACK SHUTTLE $44.99 CAD-433 PCS (Winter 2015) (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)

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