marvel avengers.


chapter 1 recruiting the avengers

summary: nick fury and shield recruit the avengers. characters: fury,agent coulson,black widow,maria hill. level type: puzzle.

chapter 2 iron man

summary: tony gets asked to join untill technorvore attacks. characters: tony stark,iron man,agent coulson. level type: boss,puzzle,technorvore5hearts.

chapter 3 thor

summary: thor gets transported to earth while fighting frost giants. characters: thor,hogan,maria hill. level type: brawl,boss,loki5hearts.

chapter 4 hulk

summary: bruce gets shot by a arrow knocking him out making him join shield. characters: hulk,black widow,hawkeye,bruce. level type: boss,brawl,abomanation5hearts.

chapter 5 captain america

summary: steve joins shield but is attacked by red skull. characters: captain america,fury, level type: brawl,boss,red skull5hearts.

chapter 6 avengers save earth

summary: the avengers learn that the chatari are attacking earth. characters: iron man,captain america,hulk,thor,black widow,hawkeye. level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,thanos5hearts.

avengers 2

chapter 1 first mission

summary: the avengers go on there first mission. characters: iron man (mark 2),thor,captain america,hulk, level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,ultron5hearts.

chapter 2 new recruits

summary: the avengers get new heroes. characters: antman,wasp,black panther,iron man (mark 2),widow,captain america. level type: puzzle,brawl.

chapter 3 beta ray bill

summary: thor gets his hammer lift by a god so he must do a challange. characters: thor,beta ray bill, level type: brawl,maggot monsterhearts.

chapter 4 shield underattacked

summary: shield gets attacked so the avengers do the job. characters: iron man (mark 2 ),captain america,hulk,wasp,antman,black panther. level type: brawl,

chapter 5 war machine

summary: rhodey joins the avengers and shield as his new suit war machine untill his suit gets controlled by wiplash. characters: iron man (mark 2),war machine,fury. level type: puzzle,boss,brawl,wiplash5hearts

chapter 6 asgardian adventure

summary: the avengers get transported to asgard without there suits and powers so they must find a way to change everything back. characters: tony stark,steve rogers,bruce banner,wasp (clothes),antman (clothes),panther (tribe). level type: puzzle,boss,brawl,asgard beast5hearts,loki,10hearts.

avengers 3

chapter 1 back to earth

summary: the avengers are sent back to earth only to be in a war zone. characters: tony stark,steve,antman (clothes),wasp (clothes),panther (tribe),bruce,thor. level type: brawl.

chapter 2 spider climbing

summary: spiderman shows up needing help to fight toxin. characters: spiderman,iron man (mark 3),black panther,wasp,antman,hawkeye. level type: boss,toxin5hearts.

chapter 3 dark avengers

summary: the avengers are attacked by the dark avengers. characters: iron man (mark 3),captain america (no mask),thor,hulk,hawkeye,widow. level type: puzzle,boss,dark avengers10hearts.

chapter 4 daredevil

summary: daredevil needs caps help and panther to stop bulleye and kingpin. characters: captain america,captain (suit rip),daredevil,panther (suit rip). level type: brawl,boss,kingpin5hearts,bulleye5hearts.

chapter 5 she hulk hogan

summary: she hulk comes to warn the avengers only to be attacked by the abomanation

characters: she hulk,iron man (mark 3),captain america,thor,hulk.

level type: boss,puzzle,abomanation5hearts

story swap,she hulk and hulk and thor,iron man and cap

chapter 6 helli strike

summary: fury gets a message from the goverment saying that the helli is beging controlled by ultimo

characters: fury,widow,hawkeye,bruce banner,tony stark,thor

level type: puzzle,boss,controll systems5hearts

story swap: bruce and stark and thor,fury and widow and hawkeye,

marvel avengers 2.

avengers 4

chapter 1rookies taking over

summary: ultimo takes over the ship fully making the avengers and shield stuck in the ship so its up to the rookies.

characters: antman,wasp,panther,falcon,mrs marvel

level type: puzzle,brawl

chapter 2 ultimo going down

summary: stark and rhodey take down ultimo.

characters: iron man (mark 4),war machine (upgrade)

level type: boss,brawl,ultimo10hearts

chapter 3 the fist of iron

summary: iron fist and luke cage meet scott lee and his team untill they attack luke and fist.

characters: iron fist,luke cage

level type: brawl,boss,the super team5hearts

chapter 4 venom

summary: cap and hawkeye get into trouble with venom.

characters: cap,hawkeye

level type: boss,venom5hearts

chapter 5 saving lifes

summary: the stark expo gets taken over by wiplshes drones with hostages in there including pepper.

characters: iron man (mark 4),war machine,widow

level type: puzzle,brawl

chapter 6 wiplash in action

summary: wiplash comes to finish the job.

characters: iron man (mark 4),war machine,widow,hawkeye,cap

level type: boss,brawl,wiplash5hearts

avengers 5

chapter 1 thor and hulk sitting in a wall

summary: thor brings hulk to asgard only for him to go crazy seeing loki in jail.

characters: thor,hulk,sif,hogan

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,hulk5hearts,surtur10hearts

chapter 2 one shall die

summary: fury finds a secret hidden message that says one avenger shall die so they must figure out who.

characters: iron man (busted suit),thor,cap (ripped suit),antman,wasp,falcon,mrs marvel

level type: boss,robot tester5hearts,avengers5hearts

story swap: cap (ripped suit) and antman and wasp,iron man (busted suit) and thor and mrs marvel and falcon

chapter 3 the last day remaining

summary: the avengers have one last day left before the sarrifce so they must all prove that they are worthy to live or die.

characters: iron man (mark 5),thor,cap,wasp,panther,antman

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,quake5hearts

chapter 4 hulks rampage

summary: hulk goes crazy after a shield member injects him with adrenaline.

characters: thor,mrs marvel,iron man (mark 5)

level type: puzzle,boss,hulk10hearts

chapter 5 looking for the fake agent

summary: fury and avengers look for the shield agent who made hulk go crazy.

characters: fury,agent coulson,widow,hawkeye,hill,cap

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,skrull6hearts

story swap: cap and widow and hawkeye,fury and hill and agent coulson

chapter 6 the end for one avenger

summary: the day has come for one avenger to die when galactus comes with a army of cosmic creatures.

characters: iron man (mark 5),cap,thor,hulk,antman,wasp

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,radoacive man5hearts,galactus1heart

story swap: avengers,iron man (mark 5) and thor

extras antman and coulson and fury die

avengers 6

chapter 1 moving on

summary: the avengers and wasp and trying to forget the death day with the xmen needing help.

characters: xmen,avengers

level type: brawl,puzzle,boss,magneto5hearts

chapter 2 deadpole on the lookout

summary: deadpole goes on a mission to assassinate one of the avengers

characters: cap,hawkeye (casual clothes),thor

level type: boss,deadpool5hearts

chapter 3 starks arc going crazy

summary: tony makes the mark 6 but the arc goes crazy.

characters: tony stark (under suit),bruce banner,hill (director suit)

level type: puzzle,boss,arc reactor1heart

chapter 4 mark 6 vs thor and hulk

summary: odins staff goes through the tesserect portal into earth making mark 6 turn evil.

characters: thor,hulk,iron man (mark 6)

level type: brawl,boss,mark6 5hearts,electro5hearts

chapter 5 avenging the enemy

summary: the avengers go after the villian who planed to kill there teammates.

characters: iron man (mark 6),thor,hulk,cap,mrs marvel,wasp,hawkeye,widow ( commader suit)

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss,roan the acuser10hearts

story swap: avengers

chapter 6 end of a super era

summary: the avengers try to escape the trap when the strongest villian comes.

characters: iron man (mark 6 busted),thor,cap (ripped suit),hulk,hawkeye,widow (commander suit,mrs marvel,falcon,doctor strange

level type: brawl,boss,strongest villian10hearts

story swaps:avengers

extras faclon dies thor and marvel go to asgard and the rest stay with shield with jack joining


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