marvel knights video game

marvel knights

chapter 1 to stop the demon

summary: fury and jack try to stop lucifer but fail.

characters: fury,jack,widow,hill.

level type: brawl,boss,driving.

boss: black heart/5hearts,lucifer/1heart.

chapter 2 the knights fight

summary: the knights fight eacher only to join a team.

characters: spiderman (iron spider),iron fist,toxin,ghost rider,spiderman.

level type: brawl,boss,driving.

boss: rider/5hearts.

story swap.

chapter 3 saving the plane

summary: the knights must save the plane from full on destruction.

characters: spiderman (iron spider),spiderman (half iron half normal),ghost rider,jack.

level type: brawl,driving.

chapter 4 city destruction

summary: lucifer attacks the city with an army of muatated deom like aliens and the knights are ready to save the day.

characters: spiderman (iron spider),ghost rider,iron fist,shield agent,shield agent 2,hill,laser,ghost girl.

level type: brawl,driving.

story swap.

chapter 5 toxins rage mode

summary: toxin unleashes his cosmic and stops huge alienonic robots while the rest face the leaders.

characters: toxin (rage mode),iron fist (no mask),ghost rider (human),ghost girl,laser,hill,widow.

level type: driving,brawl,boss

boss: alienoinc robots/5hearts each.

story swap.

major characters die hill laser and roxxanne and last coulson.

chapter 6 final stage

summary: the knights must finish the demons once and for all.

characters: iron fist (no mask),ghost rider,spiderman (suit ripped),toxin (rage mode),fury,jack.

level type: brawl,puzzle,boss.

boss: lucifer/5hearts,spawn boss/5hearts.

story swap.

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