Mission: Improbable is an action comedy by Lionblaze401, originally posted on the LMBs. It is written in her usual script format, with the addition of occasional descriptive paragraphs.


The Friends are picked to assist in the saving of the entire LEGO Universe, sort of like The Avengers.

Prolouge Cold Opening

Mia ran through the forest, purse disguised as a breifcase clutched in her cylindrical hands. There were evil drones chasing after them. A blue ninja named Jay and an red Hero robot named Furno were not far behind.

Jay: I can't believe the plan went so bad so fast!

Furno: I can.

Mia sighed. The trip had gone a lot like this, what with *SPOILER* going to *SPOILER* and *SPOILER*. A flashback ripple effect began as Mia remembered the whole thing...


Mia: *wakes up* AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Olivia: *getting woken up* What is is, Mia? Was it another nightmare?

Mia: No, actually, the doorbell rang.

Stephanie: At 11:45? This is a weird slumber party.

Olivia: I know, right? Let's go see who it is.

  • they go to the door and answer it. A pizza lady in a fake mustache was outside.*

Pizza "guy": Hey, I'm from Luigi's Pizza. You ordered an anchovy and sausage?

Mia: No.

Pizza "guy": Sure you did. Here, let me take it in. *shoves past everyone and puts it on the counter. Fake mustache falls off.* Best be going! *goes out the door*


Olivia: *opens pizza box*

Andrea: What's in it? Pizza?

Olivia: No, just a note. *holds it up*

It was a map, with a date and time scrawled in the corner.

Olivia: Let's take a look at the fake mustache, too.

There was a tag on it that read "Do not remove tag under penalty of law.*


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