Mystery Inc. Clubhouse

Set Info

Set title Mystery Inc. Clubhouse
Series Lego Scooby-Doo
Pieces 568
Price 59.99
Created by Decca03

Mystery Inc. Clubhouse is the first set in the Lego Scooby-Doo theme. It includes 5 minifigs and a dog.


The gang must solve a mystery at their clubhouse. They find clues and lure the Clubhouse Creature into the garage. There, Fred traps him. It turns out to be an old man. He wanted to scare the gang away and buy the clubhouse.



The clubhouse is a building with posters of monsters. It has chairs for the gang. There are two floors. Floor one has a kitchen and a dining room. Floor two has the bedrooms and a table to sit at.


The garage contains the Mystery Machine and a trap to capture the Clubhouse Creature.

Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine includes two rows of seats. Seat-belts are included.


  • Scooby-Doo:

Scooby is the basic Lego dog, except he has Scooby's collar and light brown fur with black spots.

  • Shaggy Rogers:

Shaggy includes a pure green torso with short sleeves. He has a normal face with a scared face on the back. Shaggy has a new hair piece designed to look like his hair in the show. He has brown legs.

  • Velma Dinkley:

Velma has a new hair piece designed to look like her hair in the show. She has a two sided face with glasses. One side is normal, and the other is scared. She has a pure orange torso and legs with a half-small-half-normal size.

  • Fred Jones:

Fred has blue legs. He has a white torso. There is a piece created for Fred's ascot. Fred has a hair piece designed to look like his hair in the show. His double sided face has a normal and scared expression.

  • Daphne Blake:

Daphne has hair designed to match her hair in the TV series. She has a purple torso, and her green scarf is an attachable piece. She has bright pink legs with a skirt attacked. Daphne has a double sided face, a scared side, and a normal side.

  • Clubhouse Creature

The Clubhouse Creature has a pure black torso, hands, and legs, with white bones. He has a skeleton mask that can fit on a head with hair. Under the mask is an old man with a grey hair piece. His face has an angry look on it.

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