Ninjago 4: Rise of The Nindroids is a game that will be released online.


Game will be based on upcoming fourth season of Ninjago series, when General Cryptor and OverBorg attack city and ninjas are forced to fight them with new weapons and high technology.

City of Ninjago comes to peace and everything is in high technology, in which Borg Industries are strongest company. Industries are led by famous inventor Cyrus Borg, who actually has secret Techno Blades in his tower. When ninja find out that, the whole system gets hacked by virus and everything starts acting chaotical! One of hacked droid helpers P.I.X.A.L makes a Digital Overlord, a technic-virus which takes over Cyrus Borg who starts a production of Nindroid army programmed to rule the Ninjago City. They even hack Sensei Wu, turning him into a evil cyborg. Now ninjas have to fight them with lead of Sensei Garmadon, and defend the Ninjago! Fight with highest technology vehicles and newest modern weapons, including ray blasters, miniguns and rocket launchers, in the most epic locations, in Borg Tower, Techno-streets of Ninjago City, or over the skies on powerful Mech-Dragon! Platforming game full of action-with special sound and mechanic effects. Coming January 2014.




  • Kai

Abilities: Spinjitzu

Special weapon: Fire Techno blade

Vehicle: Jet fighter

  • Jay

Abilities: Spinjitzu

Special weapon: Lighting Techno blade

Vehicle: Lighting tank

  • Zane

Abilities: Spinjitzu

Special weapon: Ice Techno blade

Vehicles: NinjaCopter

  • Cole

Abilities: Spinjitzu

Special Weapon: Earth techno blade

Vehicle: Cole's mech

  • Lloyd

Abilities: Green ninja spinjitzu, Turn into Golden ninja, Green rays, Green flip

Special weapon: None

Vehicles: Lloyd's speeder

  • Sensei Garmadon

Abilities: Art of the Silent fist

Special weapon: Power staff

  • P.I.X.A.L
  • Nya


  • General Cryptor
  • Cyrus Borg / Overborg
  •  Nindroid Warrior
  • Nindroid Drone
  • Min- Droid
  • Evil Wu


  • Lloyd's speeder (Lloyd)
  • Jet fighter (Kai)
  • Cole's Mech (Cole)
  • Lighting Tank (Jay)
  • Anti- Nindroid vehicle (Sensei Garmadon)
  • Ninja Copter (Zane)


  • Katana
  • Golden Staff
  • Mace
  • Broadsword
  • Nunchuks
  • Scythe
  • Purple ray blades
  • Nindroid blades
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shuriken
  • Technic Boomerang
  • Technic Broadblade
  • Techno Ninja star
  • Techno Blades (4 elemental)


  • Ninjago Cty
  • Borg Tower
  • Mech Dragon
  • Wu's Academy
  • Sensei Garmadon's monastery

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