One Canada Square by LLR

One Canada Square is a Lego Architecture set which contains about 366 bricks.


  •  Architect and Owner: Designed by César Pelli the main Architect of this building,they designed and wanted the tower to be similiar to the Three World Financial Center in New York City which was developed by Olympai and York. They also wanted it to be similiar to the Big Ben. César Pelli wanted to make the One Canada Square out of stone but used aluminium instead. The owner's were Canary Whar Group
  • Facts: Architect: César Pelli

Location: United Kingdom,London,England, E14 5AB.

Opened: August 1991

Construction Started: 1981

Height: 774' (236) m

Floors: 50

Owner: Canary Whalf Group

Materials: Glass,Steel and Marble

  • Story:
    One Canada Square was designed by principal architect Cesar Pelli, who based the design and shape mainly on the World Financial Center and the Elizabeth Tower. The building is clad with expensive stainless steel. One of the predominant features of the building is the pyramid roof which contains a flashing aircraft warning light, a rare feature for buildings in the United Kingdom. The distinctive pyramid pinnacle is at 800 feet (240 m) above sea level.[6]

One Canada Square is primarily used for offices, though there are some retail units on the lower ground floor. It is a prestigious location for offices and as of January 2013 was 100% let.[17] The building is recognised as a London landmark and it has gained much attention through film, television and other media when its status was the tallest building in the United Kingdom and continues to gain attention.

  • Design the Model:

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