This is the main page for all games on this wiki made by Party Inc.

(NOTE: The Game listed above ^ is still in the idea stage. Stay tuned for more details)

There is also a page for games that will probably not turn into real games, so i will list ideas for them there. The link is located at the bottom of this page.


Creator: Brobusky

Feel free to ask if you want a job or want to help!

Activity on other wikis

I am pretty active on the wikis listed below, so if you like what you see here, check me out on these wikis.


Yes, I will soon be making my own wiki, with all my games and other stuff from this wiki and not take them off of this wiki, but put them on both. You can excpect it to be done not really anytime soon, but some time around Halloween.

Questions on upcoming games(and other stuff)

Q: When does LEGO Batman 5 come out?

A: In August or September

Q: Will you update your old games with new content?

A: Yes, after I get some of the newer games to a good level of content.

Q: What will some of your upcoming games be about?

A: Indiana Jones and Spongebob will be coming soon.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I'm bored. :P

Here's that link I promised:

Remember, Party Inc. will be publishing new games for a while, so if you don't see any games you like here, or want me to make a game you would like, I'm always open to new suggestions and ideas.- Brobusky, Creator of Party Inc.

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