Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a line of LEGO sets based off of Rick Riordan's bestselling series of the same name. It features Percy Jackson as the prominent character. In the bookd, Percy Jackson and his friends, all demi-gods (children of the Greek Gods), must work together with the gods to destry the Titans, banes of Olympus, and their armies of creatures such as the mythical Hydra and the furious Scythian Dracanae. There has been two films released, with a third in production.

The books are:

The Lightning Thief - The Sea of Monsters - The Titan's Curse - Battle of the Labyrinth - The Last Olympian

There is also a companion series, Heroes of Olympus, that acts as a follow-up to Percy Jackson.

This LEGO theme has been designed and developed by user Hydracake8998. There is also a VIDEO GAME covering the first three books created by the same user, and ANOTHER VIDEO GAME in the works. So far there are 12 sets released, all based on the first two books (being the only ones with film companions as of yet).

List of sets based on The Lightning Thief:

- Medusa's Lair

- The Palace of Hades

- Capture the Flag

- Lotus Hotel and Casino

- Charon's Ferry

- Battle on Half-Blood Hill

- Lightning Bolt Battle

List of sets based on The Sea of Monsters:

- Escaping the Andromeda

- The Rise of Kronos

- The C.S.S. Birmingham

- Polyphemus' Hideout

- The Climbing Wall Competition

- Coffee Shop Kidnapping

The current minifigures for this theme are (in order of release)

- Annabeth Chase

- Grover Underwood

- Medusa

- Old Woman Statue

- Uncle Ferdinand Statue

- Percy Jackson

- Lord Hades

- Persephone

- Hades' Skeletal Guard

- Sally Jackson

- Percy Jackson (Battle Armor)

- Luke Castellan (Battle Armor)

- Annabeth Chase (Battle Armor)

- Red-Feathered Soldier

- Blue-Feathered Soldier

- Chiron

- Casino Bellman

- Security Guard

- Gambler

- Charon

- The Minotaur

- Luke Castellan

- Tyson

- Polyphemus

- Clarisse la Rue

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