Ranger's Apprentice is a LEGO theme created by Hydracake8998. It contains several waves of LEGO sets.

The Ruins of Gorlan

- Halt's Cottage

Minifigures: Halt, Will, Salt Peter

- The Wild Boar Hunt

Minifigures: Sir Rodney (Battle Armor), Horace Altman (Battle Armor), Araluen Soldier, Halt

- The Ruins of Gorlan

Minifigures: Will, Halt (Injured), Gilan, Kalkara, Kalkara, Sir Rodney (Battle Armor), Baron Arald

The Burning Bridge

- Wargal Camp

Minifigures: Will, Wargal (Spear), Wargal (Sword and Shield), Wargal (Battleaxe)

- Burning the Bridge

Minifigures: Evanlyn, Will, Erak, Wargal (Sword), Skandian Warrior

- Duel in Celtica

Minifigures: Gilan, Bart, Carney

- Embassy to Cobram Keep

Minifigures: Alyss, Halt, Sir Montague, Cobram Keep Guard

The Icebound Land

- Skandian Wolfship

Minifigures: Erak, Skandian Warrior, Skandian Rower

Battle Builder Sets

- Araluen Infantry Builder

Minifigures: Araluen Soldier (Sword and Shield), Araluen Soldier (Spear), Araluen Archer, Araluen Archer

Components: Stone Watchtower

- Araluen Cavalry Builder

Minifigures: Araluen Crossbower, Araluen Crossbower, Araluen Rider, Araluen Rider

Components: Archer Wall, Brown Horse, Black Horse

- Wargal Infantry Builder

Minifigures: Wargal (Crossbow), Wargal (Bow), Wargal (Sword), Wargal (Sword)

Components: Wargal Trench Line

- Skandian Cavalry Builder (Companion to Wargal Builder)

Minifigures: Skandian Warrior, Skandian Warrior, Skandian Warrior, Skandian Rower

Components: Skandian Speedboat

- Outsiders Infantry Builder

Minifigures: Tennyson, Outsiders Warrior (Sword), Outsiders Warrior (Sword), Outsiders Warrior (Spear)

Components: Cave

- Outsiders Cavalry Builder

Minifigures: Genovesan, Genovesan, Outsiders Archer, Outsiders Warrior (Battleaxe)

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