An Audience with the Enemy
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Description: Having been invited to the university, Sherlock Holmes is finally about to meet the villainous Professor Moriarty. Will the Professor finally defeat the Great Detective, or with the scholarly student present, will they simply participate in a friendly chess game...?

Set Features

An Audience with the Enemy features:

  • 194 pieces!
  • Three minifigures - Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes and the Scholar!
  • Moriarty's desk with large chair, ink well and quill, letter, and newspaper!
  • Office with chess pieces, blackboard, candles, clock, botanics book and dying plants on window-sill!
  • Breaking chess table with chess board, bottle and two goblets, and two rotating chairs!
  • Two large statues!
  • And Moriarty's small red notebook!

Parts of the Set


An Audience with the Enemy Office 1
The office part of the set measures approximately 12.75 cm (5") wide, 8 cm (3.25") deep, and 10 cm (4") high. It features a desk and large, throne-style chair. On the desk is Moriarty's small red notebook, a pile of papers with a newspaper on the top, a letter, and an ink pot with a white quill in it. It also has a horticultural book and velvet carpet under the desk. There are two windowsills, with the three chess pieces on the left and the dying plant on the right. There are two candles in the room. On the back wall is a large blackboard and a statue on either side, with gold decorations and a clock above.

This part of the set is based upon the far side of Moriarty's classroom from the 2011 film. A blackboard was seen briefly, as was his desk and chair. The book and the dying plants were seen by Holmes and he later realised that the book must be used as a code, for the red notebook (which was never actually seen in this scene and is for playability). The statues are for playability, as are the chess pieces on the windowsill rather than on the table. The horticultural book was actually small and seen on a ledge under the blackboard in the film, but this has been excluded due to lack of space.

Chess Table

An Audience with the Enemy Chess Table 1
The chess table part of the set measures approximately 7 cm (2.75") wide and 8 cm (3") deep. On either side of the table are rotating chairs, and there is a velvet carpet underneath. There is also a tray on the table with a wine bottle and two glasses, along with a chess set. There is also a lever which flips the table over when pressed.

This part of the set is based upon the table at which Moriarty offers to play chess with Holmes in the 2011 film. This also had a selection of drinks on the end, seen briefly in the scene. The lever which throws over the table is for playability reasons.


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