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Blackwood's Temple
Lord Blackwood is carrying out another unholy sacrifice, but Sherlock Holmes has found the temple! As he hurries through the entrance, Blackwood uses his magic to attack him, and one of the guards leaps out of the shadows! Will the sacrifice die, or will Holmes reveal Blackwood's magic to be fake and defeat him?

Set Features

Blackwood's Temple features:

  • 309 pieces!
  • Four minifigures - Sherlock Holmes, Lord Blackwood with sacrifice cape and hood, Sacrifice, and Temple Guard!
  • Two flick-fire missiles concealed at the top of the entrance!
  • Sacrificial altar with swinging blades!
  • Two pillars of different heights and one broken pillar!
  • A crate of various daggers!
  • A skeleton!
  • And Blackwood's raven!

Parts of the Set


Blackwood's Temple Entrance
The entrance to the temple measures approximately 9 cm (3.5") high and 11 cm (4.5") wide. It features four small statues at the top, along with Blackwood's raven. It also features a toad at the front and a skeleton at the side. There are two flick-fire missiles at the top, with pale, transparent blue globes at the front. At either side are two staffs which hold flames.

This part of the set is based upon the dark, shadowy corner of Blackwood's temple. In the 2009 film, there is an alcove above this area, and it is here that Holmes and Watson are reunited before they enter the temple itself, just after the defeat of the guard. This is also where LeStrade enters the temple to arrest Blackwood and the rest of the guards.

Blackwood's Temple Altar 1


The altar of the temple measures approximately 14 cm (5.5") high, 6.5 cm (2.5") wide, and 14.5 cm (5.5") deep. It features several skull panels, and other stone-like panels of various colours. It also has several flames around it. There are also two swords above the space between the altar and the bed, where Blackwood would stand, and a pull at the back of the altar to release them. The bed is curved at the edges and has a stone pillow for the sacrifice.

Blackwood's Temple Altar 2
This part of the set is based upon the centre of the temple, where Blackwood was sacrificing the woman, and the large altar at the back of the temple. In the film, the altar had skull-like shapes carved into it, and was obviously chosen for the sacrifice because of these. The bed is where the sacrifice was poisoned and tricked into trying to kill herself with the dagger. Blackwood would stand in the space between them, at the side of the pipe that connects the two parts.


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