Professor Moriarty 4
Professor James Moriarty; lecturer, philosopher... and villainous criminal! Using Irene Adler to spy on his nemesis and working with Colonel Sebastian Moran to start a war in Europe, have Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson finally met their match with this mastermind?


Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 3 Promotional Sets



  • In no sets does Professor Moriarty have any weapons, other than SH: Battle on the London Bridge where he comes with his golden spring-activated pistol.
  • His Wave 2 and 3 variant is very different to that of Wave 1 and is much more detailed with back printing as well.
  • His Wave 3 Promotional Sets appearance is similar to his Wave 2 and 3 variant but is more specific to the scene in the film.
  • His exclusive variant has no back printing and, again, is more specific to the scene that is being depicted.
  • His Wave 2 variant's white chess pieces are glow in the dark. He does not have these pieces in Wave 3, but is otherwise identical.
  • Professor Moriarty appears in the 2009 film, voiced by an unknown actor, and in 2011, portrayed by Jared Harris.

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