The Poison in Parliament 1
Doctor Watson has arrived in the sewers below Parliament in time to stop Blackwood's thugs from activating the machine. But when the thug imprisons him in a crumbling prison cell, will Watson be able to escape when the pillar collapses? And when faced with the enormous Dredger, will he still be able to break the machine before Blackwood activates it by remote...?

Set Features

The Poison in Parliament features:

  • 197 pieces!
  • Three minifigures - Doctor Watson, Dredger, and one of Blackwood's thugs!
  • Lord Blackwood's cyanide device!
  • Removable radio piece!
  • Two flick-fire missiles!
  • Cell with secret escape!
  • Catapult with pieces of rock!
  • A rat!
  • And Dredger's hammer!

Parts of the Set

A Poison in Parliament Machine 1

Cyanide Machine

The cyanide machine measures 6cm (2.5") high, not including the gas pipe. It features a machine with four large pipes, two of which connect the glass cyanide cylinders with the other parts of the machine. There are two large aerials, and two smaller aerials which can be removed. There is a rotating gold starter piece and a final pipe leading up from the machine. There are two flick-fire missiles, and a rat.

This part of the set is based on the scene from the 2009 film where the machine in the sewers is going to release cyanide into Parliament. When trying to open the machine, Adler shoots it, and the bullet ricochets, hence the flick-fire missiles. There is also a gold starter mechanism in the film. It is later revealed that Moriarty was also present in the sewers and stole the remote control piece of the machine. Everything else - the pipes and the large aerials - are based on details seen briefly in the film.

A Poison in Parliament Cell 1


The prison cell measures 8cm (3.25") wide, 8cm (3.25") deep, and 10cm (4") high. It features an opening prison door, another set of bars at the back, and a manhole cover in the bottom. There is a pillar on either side, one of which can be collapsed by pulling the black cylinder at the side. On the top is a catapult with three pieces of rock, one of which is on fire.

This is not based on anything from the 2009 film, and is instead included for playability purposes.


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