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LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame

Vision vs. Avengers

"Nothing lasts forever."

- Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is a LEGO Marvel Universe minifigure, that appears first on the set Vision vs. Avengers. She also appears in the game LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame as a playable character.


Scarlet Witch as a long brown hair, the same of Spider-Woman. She have a black dress, and a long black boot. Also, she have a small part of her leg appearing, between the drees and the boot. The arms are painted of red at one point. After this point, is only her normal arm, and she have two black bracelets, and the hands. Her head have double faces, one with a normal expression, and another, with a angry expression. In the set, she have two small and transparent red pieces, that can be fit on her hands. In the game, her hands glows when she use magic.


Wanda Maximoff is the daugther of Magneto. Alongside with her brother, Quicksilver, they are members from the Avengers. Scarlet Witch's powers are incredibly powerful. She can use telekinessis and magic. In the upcoming Marvel movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be aprisioned by H.Y.D.R.A., but after Tony Stark builds Ultron, both Wanda and Quicksilver will be members from the Avengers.

In LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame, she protects the Avengers Mansion from the attacks of villians. With the help of Quicksilver and Thor, she go stop Loki to send he Frost Gigants to conquer the Earth. In the upcoming game LEGO Marvel Universe 2: Age of Ultron, she will be a playable character, and she will be the only one who can destroy Ultron's body. 





  • She is the only character that will appear in the three games from LEGO Marvel Universe, alongside with Quicksilver;
  • She is basetaed in her movie costume;
  • An future X-Men set from 2016 can bring the classic Scarlet Witch costume.

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