Sentinel vs. X-Men is a LEGO Marvel Universe set. It planned to be the first set from Wave 1. Will be released in July 14th, 2014. It's baseated in the movie X-Men: Days of a Future Past.


The set includes a buildable Sentinel, with the minifigures of Wolverine, Magneto and Storm. The Blackbird, main transport veicle from the X-Men, are included. 

More information coming soon!


Bolivar Trask, the powerfull leader from the Trask Industries, created the Sentinels, gigant metal robots, to aniquilate all the super-humans,  two knowed as Mutants, in the world. He send one to kill the a weak Magneto. But Wolverine and Storm will not alow that. But, it's that a trap from Magneto? He are realy weak? You choice.


This section is still under construction.

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